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The episode starts with Sandhya questioning Kusum, but the latter criticises her for failing to outsmart Pallavi. She also decides not to forget whatever both Pallavi and Aparna have done with her. Ravi arrives there. Kusum indirectly questions him about his meeting with Pappi. Ravi gives her an excuse as Sandhya is with them. He then receives a call so Kusum forcibly sends Sandhya out of the room. Pappi agrees to buy Ravi’s shop, which makes both Kusum and Ravi happy. Kusum tells that she is going to see how Pallavi is going to stop their deal with Pappi.

Here, Pallavi shares her cloud kitchen idea with her in law’s. She also says that she has taken Monty’s help. Aparna wonders whether Pallavi is using this opportunity to meet her father, Jaydev. Pallavi informs the reason behind her idea to help Akash and the entire family members financially, but Aparna doesn’t look convinced but Suresh appreciates her idea. Pallavi takes the elders’ blessings. Aparna asks Pallavi to return home soon as she has to take part in the Holi puja. Pallavi obliges.

The Awasti’s receives a noise from the EB office. Akash realises that he has forgotten to pay the bills, which he informs it to his family. Kusum insults Akash by comparing him with Ravi. Aparna gets angry, but Akash calms her down. He also worries how to make the payment. Pallavi decides to pay the bills. Aparna advises her to return home immediately, which Pallavi agrees, and then she leaves the place. Aparna shares her disappointment towards Pallavi about her cloud kitchen idea to Suresh. Suresh advises her to think about Pallavi’s broad mind of thinking about the family members’ well-being, but Aparna remains upset.

Here, Jaydev decides to meet Gupta directly after hearing his allegations. Meanwhile, Pallavi informs Monty about her cloud kitchen idea. She also decides to leave the place to pay the EB bills of her house. Just then, she hears Jaydev’s call with Gupta about him requesting not to get angry, saying he is on his way to meet him. Also, he doesn’t do any fraudulent thing. Jaydev then leaves in a taxi. Pallavi follows him.

Jaydev meets Gupta, who shouts at him for fooling him by selling the land, which is the government property. Jaydev tries to calm down Gupta, but the latter refuses to listen to him. Pallavi reaches there. She questions Gupta for unnecessarily accusing Jaydev. Gupta questions who she is, but Jaydev intervenes, and he asks her to leave the place. Pappi arrives there, which shocks Pallavi. Pallavi realises that Pappi has trapped Jaydev. Pappi puts up an act of calm down Gupta, but the latter refuses to speak with him. He also warns Jaydev, and then he leaves the place.

In Awasti’s house, Kusum cut the power of their house, so Aparna misunderstands Pallavi. Kusum taunts Aparna, and then she goes inside. There, Pallavi tries to make Jaydev understand the real intention of Pappi, but he refuses to listen to her. He also leaves with Pappi. Pallavi decides to pay the bill. Meanwhile, Tanvi checks Janhvi’s room to find what is upsetting Rakesh. She fails to see Janhvi’s health report file. Here, Pallavi reaches the EB office, but the officer refuses to let her make the payment, but Pallavi gets determined to pay the EB bills at any cost.

Precap: Aparna shouts at Pallavi for meeting Jaydev. She also drags Pallavi towards the doorstep of their house. Kusum gets happy.

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Aangan Apno Kaa 2nd April 2024 Written Update: Pallavi lures Kusum