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In the latest episode Akash and Pallavi get involved in an argument with Puppy Mehra. As Akash pulls Mehra’s collar out of rage, he threatens them and throws the fake debt document at his face. Akash and Pallavi get shocked to see the loan document but Suresh tells them he never took any money from Puppy nor did he sign the documents.

Suresh comes to the hospital with Pallavi and Akash to meet Jaydev. Pallavi covers his torned collar with a muffler. Jaydev gets discharged and walks down the corridor of the hospital. He meets Suresh and they have a conversation while neither of them let each other know about their problems. Suresh praises Pallavi and says to Jaydev that he is blessed to have a daughter in law like her.

Suresh’s family gets worried about not being able to contact Suresh, Akash or Pallavi. They get to know that there’s a lock at their store and someone has captured the store. Suddenly Suresh comes back home with Akash and Pallavi. They tell the family that there is a loan fraud of 10 crore on them. Aparna accuses Pallavi for all this mess and says this happened because she messed with Puppy Mehra. Suresh and Akash defend Pallavi and say it’s all done by Puppy and not Pallavi.

In the next episode, Pallavi and Suresh would be seen meeting the lawyer who would be telling them that since Suresh’s signatures are there on those papers he would surely be counted as guilty. To know if Pallavi and Akash are able to handle this situation, keep watching Aangan Apno Ka and stay tuned to this space for more updates.