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The episode starts with Sumedh tells Rukhmini that she handled Malhaar very well last night but Malhaar is not a bad person. Sumedh tells Rukhmini that one day he will bring Minni back in Malhaar’s life. Rukhmini tells Sumedh that she knows Minni. Rukhmini denies that Minni is not her friend. Shivani informs Rukhmini and Sumedh that Kesarva is calling them. Kesarva offers a Prashad ladoo to Rukhmini and ask her to share it with her husband. Kesarva tells Rukhmini that her alliance will not break a husband wife shares the ladoo. Kesarva tells Rukhmini that she has cheated on her husband and with her. Rukhmini tries to explain but Kesarva ask Shivani to bring the mattress.

Kesarva ask Rukhmini why she is sleeping separately. Kesarva tells Sumedh that Rukhmini has an affair during her college days. Kesarva tells Sumedh that she has a proof. Kesarva shows the greetings Card with a love letter to Sumedh. Malhaar has kept the love letter in Rukhmini’s cupboard. Sumedh shouts at Rukhmini and ask her to answer. Rukmini tells Sumedh that it’s all about her past. Kesarva tells Rukhmini that she still loves her past. Kesarva tells Sumedh that Rukhmini is still having an affair with her past boyfriend and that’s the reason Rukhmini is not allowing him to touch her.

Shivani tells Kesarva that it’s injustice to her because she has brought a perfect match for Sumedh but she denied because of past affairs. Shivani reminds Kesarva that a girl with past affairs is not loyal to their husband. Rukhmini tells Shivani to shut up. Shivani tells Rukhmini that she must be ashamed of what she has done. Sumedh shouts at Shivani and ask her to shut up. Sumedh thinks about allegations on Rukhmini. Sumedh is totally broken and he can’t believe that Rukhmini has a past affair. Sumedh gets a call from the photographer that he has cleared the image. Sumedh sees the picture of Rukhmini and he feels cheated to his brother Malhaar.

Shivani tells Kesarva that Sumedh have to leave Rukhmini now. Kesarva tells Malhaar that today she is worried about Sumedh and she tells Malhaar to see Sumedh. Rukhmini thinks about Sumedh but Malhaar comes to Rukhmini’s room. Rukhmini tells Malhaar that he has created a conspiracy to make her helpless and she will not break the alliance with Sumedh. Malhaar tells Rukhmini that Sumedh will not accept her. Malhaar tries to force Rukhmini but Sumedh comes. Malhaar apologies Sumedh and he tells Sumedh that Rukhmini is Minni.

Malhaar tells Sumedh that he wants to live with Minni. Rukhmini tells Sumedh that it’s a lie. Malhaar tells Sumedh that Rukhmini is lieing. Sumedh ask Rukhmini to tell the truth and he will do according to her . Rukhmini tells Sumedh that Malhaar is her past and he is her today. Rukhmini tells Sumedh that he wants to stay with him. Malhaar tries to force Rukhmini but Sumedh pushes Malhaar. Sumedh tells Malhaar that Rukhmini don’t want to stay with him. Sumedh and Malhaar’s argument turn into clash but suddenly Kesarva arrives.

Precap-Rukhmini tells Kesarva to sign the papers to break her relationship with Sumedh but Kesarva tears the paper and hugs Sumedh. Kesarva tells Rukhmini that she can’t leave Sumedh alone because he is her son. Sumedh tries to convince Kesarva for Rukhmini’s IPS but she refuses to give the permission.

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Aankh Micholi 12th April 2024 Written Update: Rukhmini saves Malhaar.