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The episode starts with Sumedh thinking about Keserva’s decision. Sumedh tells Imlie that he just wants his mother. Sumedh tells Rukhmini that someone has take his breath and he just wants his mother. Sumedh asks Bhaven for whom he is taking the medicine. Bhaven tells Sumedh that because of him Keser is taking the medicine. Sumedh rushes to see Kesarva. Malhaar tells Kesarva to take the medicine. Kesarva tells Malhaar that she doesn’t want to see Sumedh and Rukhmini’s face.

Sumedh tells Kesarva to take the medicine because he will leave the house. Rupal tells Sumedh that how can leave the house and Kesarva. Sumedh tells Rupal that Kesarva is like a goddess to him and he can leave the house but not god. Sumedh tells Malhaar to give medicine to Kesarva. Sumedh sits on the floor. Rukhmini tells Sumedh to eat the food but Sumedh wants his mother to get well soon then only he will eat. Bhaven tells Sumedh to give all the accounts before leaving the house.

Malhaar gets a call from his senior asking him to join an urgent meeting. Malhaar refuses to go but Rukhmini assures him that she’s and Sumedh will take care. Malhaar leaves for the meeting. Kesarva ask for her son in her sleep. Kesarva tells her son not to leave her. Malhaar tells Rupal that Kesarva is fine now because Sumedh has taken care of her. Malhaar tells Rupal that Kesarva’s real son is Sumedh and he wants to leave her. Rupal tells Malhaar to convince Kesarva because she will listen to him. Malhaar tells Rupal that let Sumedh go because then only she will understand the importance of Sumedh. Kesarva wakes up and sees Sumedh.

Kesarva learns from Sumedh that Malhaar has gone for emergency duty. Kesarva sees the blood of Sumedh’s hand. Kesarva sees her hair pin in Sumedh’s hand. Kesarva tells Sumedh to apply ointment. Kesarva tells Malhaar that today is Ram Navami that her Ram will do the puja. Sumedh tells Rukhmini to pack everything because they will have to leave the house forever.
Sumedh tries to take the blessings but Kesarva refuses to give the blessings.

Sumedh keeps the paper in Kesarva’s feet. Malhaar tells Kesarva that Sumedh is leaving the house and returning her back to the shares that she has given him. Kesarva tells Sumedh that she will answer Vijay ji. Sumedh tells Kesarva that he is leaving with all the memories from this house. Sumedh wants Kesarva’s blessings only. Rukhmini tells Kesarva that she will have to sign this paper and clear that every alliance is finished now. Kesarva tells Rukhmini that she can’t sign. Kesarva tells Rukhmini that Sumedh is Vijay’s son. Rukhmini tells Kesarva to give him what he wants. Rukhmini tells Kesarva that she will not have to see Sumedh again and ask her to sign the paper. Rukhmini tells Kesarva to sign.

Precap-Rukhmini tells Kesarva to sign the papers to break her relationship with Sumedh but Kesarva tears the paper and hugs Sumedh. Kesarva tells Rukhmini that she can’t leave Sumedh alone because he is her son. Sumedh tries to convince Kesarva for Rukhmini’s IPS but she refuses to give the permission.

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Aankh Micholi 15th April 2024 Written Update: Kesarva’s birthday gift.