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The episode starts with Sumedh telling Rukhmini that she can’t talk with Kesarva like this. Rukhmini insists Keserva to sign the papers and end the relationship.

Kesarva gets angry with Rukhmini and tells that she can’t sign. Rukhmini asked the reason. Kesarva tells Rukhmini that Sumedh is her son from that day when she accepted him when she took an oath of Radha Kund. Kesarva tells Rukhmini that she can’t leave him alone in this world and whenever she sees Sumedh she remembers the betrayal of her late husband but she feels happy when Sumedh is happy and she feels sad when Sumedh is sad. Kesarva tells Rukhmini that Sumedh is her son and she can’t leave without him. Rukhmini tells Kesarva to open her heart for Sumedh because he needs her love. Sumedh picks up Kesarva and she hugs Sume. Everyone is happy to see this moment. Malhaar tells Kesarva that Sumedh is the elder son and Ram of this house. Kesarva, Rukhmini and Kesarva do the Aarti.

Kesarva tells Rukhmini that she is very clever. Kesarva tells Rukhmini that her words has given her relief and she thanks Rukhmini for breaking barriers between her and Sumedh. Rukhmini tells Kesarva that whatever happens in the presence of Dwarka Dhist. Kesarva asks Sumedh that she is very happy and he can ask for anything. Sumedh tells Kesarva that she is very happy to have her in his life. Sumedh tells Kesarva that he wants to fulfill Rukhmini’s dream and he wants Rukhmini to become an IPS. Kesarva tells Sumedh that she can’t allow Rukhmini to become an IPS officer and no more discussion in this topic. Rukhmini tells Sumedh that he don’t have to insists Keserva. Sumedh assures Rukhmini that one day Kesarva will allow her.

Rukhmini gives gloves to Sumedh and tells him that his hands will not burn. Sumedh thanks Rukhmini for bringing back Kesarva in his life and he returns the lucky coin to Rukhmini. Sumedh assures Rukhmini that one day Kesarva will allow her to complete the IPS training.

Rukhmini sees that Malhaar’s condition is not good and he wants to join the duty. Rukhmini tells Malhaar that he can’t go and he should send another officer to catch the criminal. Malhaar reminds Rukhmini that she has been restigated from the academy for taking drugs and he will not listen to her advice. Rukhmini tries to call Malhaar but his phone is not reachable. Kesarva feels stress and Sumedh brings the tea for Kesarva. Rukhmini tells Sumedh about Malhaar. Sumedh gets a call from Malhaar. Kesarva ask Sumedh what happens to Malhaar. Sumedh tells Kesarva that Malhaar has been kidnapped. Shivani shows the news to Kesarva that some criminal has kidnapped Malhaar and they have some demands. Kesarva panics. Rukhmini sees the news.

Precap-Rukhmini tells Sumedh that she brings Malhaar safety. Rukhmini fights with the criminal and saves Malhaar.

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Aankh Micholi 16th April 2024 Written Update: Sumedh leaves the house.