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The episode starts with Sumedh taking tea for Kesarva but Rukhmini tells Sumedh that his mother is a murderer. Sumedh tells Rukhmini that he will not listen to a single word against her mother. Rukhmini tells Sumedh that she has found some evidence with complete proof. Rukhmini shows the gun to Sumedh and she tells Sumedh that Kesarva is a murderer. Sumedh denies the evidence. Rukhmini keeps on saying that Keserva is a murderer and stands Rukhmini wrong. Sumedh tells Rukhmini that she will not tell Kesarva anything.

Rukhmini tells herself that she can understand but she will not stay quiet and she will give justice to her mother. Sumedh starts overthinking. Kesarva consoles Sumedh and tells him to do the Puja for Vijay’s soul. Rukhmini tells Kesarva that she wants her mother’s soul to stay in peace. Rukhmini tells Kesarva that her mother will get justice today. Rukhmini tells Kesarva that a lady brutally killed her mother . Rukhmini tells her story to everyone which dedicated her to becoming the police. Rukhmini tells that destiny has brought her for her mother’s murderer. Shivani asks Rukhmini about the killer. Rukhmini tells Kesarva that she is the killer. Malhaar tells Rukhmini that she has some misunderstanding and she can’t prove without proof. Rukhmini tells Malhaar that she has the proof and she shows the gun to Keserva. Rukhmini tells Kesarva that she has fired the same gun on her mother.

Rukhmini asks Kesarva that she has snatched her mother and made her orphan. Rukhmini tells Kesarva that she is foolish to call her mother. Rukhmini tells Kesarva that she wants her punishment for her mother’s murder. Sumedh tells Kesarva that he is with her and takes to her room. Rukhmini feels broken. Malhaar and Sumedh tries to console Kesarva.

Sumedh tells Kesarva that he trusts her. Kesarva tells Sumedh and Malhaar that she knows about the gun and she explains the incidents to them about the night of the fair. Kesarva tells them that is scared of Dollar Seth. Kesarva tells them that she has accidentally killed Rukhmini’s mother. Kesarva tells them that she have committed a crime accidentally. Sumedh gives water to Keserva and tries to console her. Kesarva lost her control and she cares about Rukhmini. Sumedh tells Kesarva that she will not say anything.

Rukhmini calls Piyush and tells about the killer of her mother. Rukhmini tells Piyush that she wants Keserva to get punished. Rukhmini tells Sumedh that she will arrest Keserva tomorrow. Sumedh tells Rukhmini that she will have to cross his dead body to touch Kesarva.

Precap- Sumedh hides the evidence. Kesarva accepts her crime and she wants Rukhmini to arrest her. An unknown person fired on Sumedh.

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Aankh Micholi 21st April 2024 Written Update: Kesarva makes a plan against Rukmini