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The episode starts with Shivani and Rupal brings Rukhmini to her room. Rukhmini is surprised and shocked to see the decoration. Shivani tells Rukhmini to enjoy her first night with Sumedh. Rukhmini feels scared and nervous. Sumedh tells Rukhmini that he wants to show her one thing. Sumedh shows the picture of her and Sumedh with uniform. Sumedh asks Rukhmini about her dreams.

Rukhmini remembers that she will always think that how she will make her husband happy. Sumedh holds Rukhmini’s hands and he tries to kiss her hand. Rukhmini tells Supreme that he can take the advantage. Rukhmini throws all the things. Kesarva seed thats Rukhmini has forgotten to take the milk. Kesarva takes the milk and brings it to Sumedh’s room. Rukhmini tells Sumedh that woman should work all day in the house and at night she will have to follow the responsibilities. Rukhmini tells Sumedh that the rules and regulations are more important than a woman. Rukhmini tells Sumedh that a woman calls from different names except her real name.

Rukhmini tells Sumedh that why a girl is not informed in advance that she will have to follow the rules and regulations. Rukhmini tells Sumedh that he can make his first night. Suddenly Kesarva knocks on the door. Sumedh opens the gate and takes the milk. Sumedh closed the gate on her face.
Kesarva is upset that Sumedh closed the gate on her face. Rasna ask Kesarva why she is bothered with Sumedh’s sudden change in behaviour. Kesarva tells Rasna that Sumedh never did this with her and she is very shocked to see this kind of behaviour.

Sumedh is hurt because he didn’t expect to be happen in his first night. Sumedh sits on the floor. Rukhmini sleep on the floor.
In the next morning, Kesarva waits for Sumedh and Rukhmini to wakes up . Kesarva throws the dishes to wake up. Sumedh wakes up and finds that it’s has been 6 am. Shivani thinks to take the advantage of the situation. Shivani starts cleaning the house. Rupal thinks to fix Kesarva’s mood. Kesarva shouts that everyone has wake up. Sumedh tries to wake Rukhmini but he stops.

Rupal makes a favourite Rabri for her . Kesarva tells Rasna that her daughter can fool her. Kesarva tells Rupal to wake up Rukhmini. Kesarva tells Rasna that she will wake up. Sumedh tells Kesarva that he will bring tea fot her. Kesarva tells Rupal to wake up Rukhmini. Kesarva tells Sumedh that whats happen in one night that he is not understanding her. Sumedh tries to explain but he finds Rukhmini infront of himself.

Precap-It’s Rukhmini’s first Holi. Shivani gives the bhaang to Rukhmini and she starts dancing infront of everyone. Jamkhuri makes fun of Kesarva and she calls Rukhmini a drug addict. Rukhmini starts crying and Sumedh takes Rukhmini’s side

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Aankh Micholi 27th March 2024 Written Update: The police return all the missing jewellery to Kesarva.