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The episode starts with Rukhmini thinks about Malhaar in the kitchen. Kesarva tells Kesarva to serve the food. Kesarva ask Rukhmini about her confidence level in preparing the food. Rukhmini tells Kesarva that undhio is delicious. Rupal tells Rukhmini that no-one can make undhio better than Keserva. Shivani tells Prisha that no one can make undhio. Kesarva takes the dish and calls Rukhmini. Shivani tells Prisha that Keserva will scolds Rukhmini. Kesarva tells Rukhmini to show her hands . Kesarva gives her gold bangles to Rukhmini and give her the compliment for making best undhio. Kesarva gives her blessings to Rukhmini and tells her to serve the food to Sumedh first.

Rukhmini serves the food and Sumedh give the plate to Malhaar. Rupal tells Malhaar that whatever is Sumedh is of Malhaar but Malhaar return the plate. Rupal tells Rukhmini to feed Sumedh with her hands because he deserves it. Kesarva agree with Rupal and she tells Rukhmini to feed the food. Rukhmini feels shy. Rupal insists Rukhmini to feed. Sumedh eats the first bite by Rukhmini’s hand. Kesarva ask Sumedh to tell how the food. Sumedh ask Malhaar to help him. Sumedh tells that his good days started and Malhaar tells that food is serve with love. Rupal tells Rukhmini that Malhaar has bring the gift for her.

Malhaar gives the gift to Rukhmini. Rupal tells Rukhmini to open the box and it’s a locket inside the box. Rupal tells Sumedh that Malhaar can help him to complete his love story. Malhaar gets up from the dinning table and he tells Kesarva that he feels suffocated in the house. Malhaar feels broken. Rukhmini is crying. Malhaar want to know that why Rukhmini did this with him. Rukhmini decides to tell the truth to Sumedh about Malhaar but she stops by her payal given by Sumedh. Rukhmini tries to wear the payal but Sumedh help her. Sumedh tells Rukhmini that he is very happy to see Kesarva likes the food made by her in his father’s birthday. Rukhmini want to confess the truth Kesarva calls Sumedh and Rukhmini to set the room of Malhaar.

Kesarva gets angry because she gets to know about the accident. Malhaar tells Kesarva that he is fine. Sumedh insists Malhaar to tell the truth. Malhaar tells Sumedh that he was coming to attend the wedding and a car hits him. Malhaar wish that he could attend the wedding. Malhaar tells Sumedh that Mini has blocked him in every way. Malhaar tells Sumedh that Mini didn’t think atleast once before taking a step. Kesarva tells Malhaar if she knows earlier that he loves her so much then she will do anything to bring Mini in his life. Sumedh tells Malhaar that he wish he could give his happiness to him and take his saddness. Malhaar suddenly calls Mini to Rukhmini. Malhaar ask Rukhmini that he can take her husband for a while. Malhaar tells Sumedh that he wants to share his pain to Sumedh.

Precap-Malhaar and Sumedh drinks wine and share their pain to each other. Rukhmini decides to tell the truth to Sumedh.

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Aankh Micholi 1st April 2024 Written Update: A shocker for Malhar