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The episode starts with Rukhmini gets up and she thinks about what happens in the Holi party. Rukhmini thinks that she has tell the truth to Kesarva and she rushes to see. Kesarva tells Prisha to call Arvind ji because she wants to talk to him. Rukhmini apologies Kesarva but she taunts Rukhmini. Kesarva tells Rukhmini that she will never get to know about officer behaviour. Kesarva wants know who has given the bhaang to her but she wants to know why she is saluting everyone. Pankhuri tells Kesarva that she always tells Mami that she is police officers daughter. Kesarva tells that she wants a simple girl not a police officer. Kesarva tells Prisha to call Arvind because she wants to wish him happy holi. Rukhmini gets relax and she learns from Rupal about the incident in which Jamkhuri makes fun of her and how Sumedh takes her stand. Rupal tells Rukhmini that she is very lucky to have husband like Sumedh.

Kesarva sees her late husband’s Vijay photo and misses him on his birthday. Kesarva wrote Vijay’s name on her hand. Rukhmini sees that tattoo of the killer who has killed her mother. Kesarva calls Rukhmini and tells her about Vijay’s birthday. Kesarva gives the responsibility to Rukhmini to make the food for the Puja. Rukhmini picks up the album and tries to pick the photograph but Sumedh picks up the photo. Sumedh tells Kesarva that Sumedh has message him. Malhar tells Sumedh that his posting has been done in Dwarka and he is coming tomorrow. Kesarva tells Rasna and Rupal that Malhaar is coming. Kesarva is very happy. Prisha gets jealous.

Sumedh tells Rukhmini that he wants to help her but she denies to take her help. Sumedh tells Rukhmini that his brother is coming tomorrow. Sumedh tells Rukhmini that his brother wants to talk her as he couldn’t attend the marriage. Rukhmini and Sumedh sleeps side by side of the bed.

In the next morning, Keserva brings Vijay’s photo for the Puja. Rukhmini reads the recipe book and starts preparing the food. Sumedh is worried because Rukhmini is making lots of dishes alone. Sumedh comes to help Rukhmini in the kitchen.  Sumedh thought what who will Rukhmini ask for the help in the kitchen. Sumedh gets the delivery of Malhaar’s name plate and he gets the reson to enter the kitchen to help Rukhmini. Sumedh tells Rukhmini that he is impressed with her cooking skills. Sumedh ask Rukhmini where to place the name plate on the gate.

Precap-Pandit ji tell Rukhmini that elder son have to wear the pagdi. Kesarva takes the pagdi from Rukhmini and tells her that her son wil wear it. Malhar comes back home and meet Rukhmini.

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Aankh Micholi 30th March 2024 Written Update: Kesarva gets angry