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The episode starts Malhaar and Sumedh sits together to drink wine. Sumedh tells Malhaar that he don’t want to drink but Malhaar insists him to have a drink with him otherwise he will not share his pain with Sumedh.

Shivani tells Rukhmini not to wait for Sumedh. Rupal tells Rukhmini that Sumedh is the only solution for Malhaar and ask her to co-operate. Rukhmini is scared if Malhaar tells the fact to Sumedh.

Malhaar tells Sumedh that Mini blocked him . Malhaar tells Sumedh that he feels very hurt because he loves Mini so much and blocked him. Malhaar tells Sumedh that Mini didn’t say anything to him. Sumedh tells Malhaar that we can go to ask him that why she blocked him. Malhaar tells Sumedh that he can’t talk to Mini and tries to tell the fact but Malhaar change the topic.

Rupal tells Rukhmini about the bonding of Sumedh and Malhaar. Rupal tells Rukhmini that for Malhaar’s IPS Sumedh did the hard work.

Sumedh tells Malhaar that he went to Rajkot to meet Rukhmini and he called Mini also to meet him. Sumedh tells Malhaar that he knows who is Mini. Sumedh brings two pictures and gives to Malhaar. Sumedh tells Malhaar that he thinks that they both marry on same day. Malhaar tells Sumedh that only one can marry. Sumedh tries to console Malhaar but Malhaar tries to change the topic.

Rukhmini decides to tell the fact to  Sumedh.

Sumedh tells Malhaar that Rukhmini is upset with him and he saw a pain in her eyes. Sumedh tells Malhaar that he thinks that Rukhmini is not happy with this wedding.

Rukhmini tries to sleep in her room but suddenly he hears the footsteps. Rukhmini hears that Sumedh and Malhaar are coming. Sumedh is fully drunken state and Malhaar is holding him. Malhaar brings Sumedh to his room. Rukhmini ask Malhaar to go sleep . Rukhmini close the door before Malhaar could see two separate bed on the floor. Rukhmini gives the blanket to Sumedh.

Malhaar tells Kesarva that she can scold him for drinking wine but he ask Kesarva not to leave him. Kesarva tries to console Malhaar and she tells Malhaar that she will pray for him. Malhaar thinks that Rukhmini can be still his love .

In the next morning, Rukhmini thinks that her Bua lie Sumedh’s family regarding her studies and long hair but she wants to tell the fact to Sumedh. Rukhmini went to tea stall. Sumedh apologies Rukhmini and explain her that why he went to drink with Malhaar. Sumedh tells Rukhmini that Malhaar loves Mini. Sumedh tells Rukhmini that when he went to Rajkot to see her he also call Mini also to convince her . Sumedh tells his story to Rukhmini that he is a stepson of Kesarva and that’s why he loves Keserva and Malhaar so much. Sumedh tells Rukhmini that he is going to give the tea to Kesarva. Rukhmini thinks that there is so much love in this family and change her mind to tell the fact.

Precap-Malhaar gives the divorce papers to Rukhmini and ask her leave Sumedh. Malhaar tells Sumedh that Rukhmini is hiding something. Sumedh finds the divorce papers in the cupboard and thinks that Rukhmini wants a divorce.

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