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The episode starts with Sumedh seeing Rukhmini from the mirror while shaving but he gets a cut in the face. Kesarva tells Rukhmini to apply turmeric on Sumedh’s face. Rukhmini walks slowly and starts thinking. Malhaar tells Rukhmini that she doesn’t need to be shy because she is Sumedh’s husband.

Kesarva takes Rukhmini to buy the grocery. Malhaar takes Rukhmini to a corner and asks Rukhmini that she still loves him. Rukhmini wants to go but Malhaar stops her. Rukhmini tells Malhaar that she is married now. Malhaar tells Rukhmini that she is doing drama and nothing happens between her and Sumedh because he saw the two beds in her room and this proves that she loves him . Rukhmini tells Malhaar that she hates her and he is trying to break his house.

Malhaar tells Rukhmini that he knows that she will not love Sumedh. Malhaar tells Rukhmini that she will waste three lives . Kesarva calls Rukhmini in the market. Malhaar tells Rukhmini to listen to him. Kesarva tells Rukhmini that we will buy the grocery from other places. Malhaar is determined that he wants the answer.
Shivani asks Bhaven why Minni leaves Malhaar who is an IPS officer. Shivani asks Bhaven what about Rukhmini who is a graduate who chooses Sumedh an illiterate Sumedh. Bhaven tells Shivani that Mini and Rukhmini are both mad. Malhaar announces everyone to join him because he wants to talk about Rukhmini and Sumedh.

Rukhmini thinks that Malhaar wants to expose her. Malhaar tells everyone that Sumedh is getting a chance to show his talent because his friend’s father is opening a tea franchise. Malhaar tells Sumedh that he needs to go to Mumbai and so he will be a millionaire. Bhaven takes the advantage and tells Sumedh that he will take care of Kesar tea. Kesarva tells Sumedh to go to Mumbai because he is getting a chance to prove it but Rukhmini will also go with Sumedh. Malhaar tells Kesarva that Mumbai is a very expensive city. Kesarva ask Sumedh what he wants to go. Sumedh hugs Malhaar. Sumedh tells Kesarva that he can earn more but someone has to stay with them. Malhaar suggests Sumedh to go and he will manage everything because his posting is in Dwarka. Rupal tells Malhaar that how can Sumedh go without Rukhmini and it’s not yet one week also for their wedding.

Shivani tells Rupal that this is the first time when Sumedh didn’t listen to Malhaar and she blames Rukhmini for the change in Sumedh. Shivani tells Rupal that Sumedh is foolish because he is leaving a chance to earn. Rupa tells Shivani about the bonding of husband and wife.

Sumedh ask Rukhmini if she is upset with him. Sumedh apologizes to Rukhmini for taking the decision alone. Sumedh tells Rukhmini that money can’t buy happiness and he don’t want to leave Keserva. Rukhmini tells herself that she can’t keep Sumedh in the dark. Sumedh tells himself that he doesn’t want to leave her.

Kesarva tells Rukhmini that she is going for Satsang with the girls and she suggests that if she needs anything then she can call Sumedh .

Precap-Malhaar gives the divorce papers to Rukhmini and ask her leave Sumedh. Malhaar tells Sumedh that Rukhmini is hiding something. Sumedh finds the divorce papers in the cupboard and thinks that Rukhmini wants a divorce.

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Aankh Micholi 3rd April 2024 Written Update: Malhar asks Rukmini to divorce Sumedh