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Today’s episode starts with Darsh asking Nandini if she wants more Kulfi. Nandini says no. Darsh insists Nandini to have one more. He asks Kulfiman to give one more Kulfi. Nandini coughs. Darsh asks Nandini if she is fine. He feels dizzy. Nandini asks Darsh if he is fine. Darsh tells to Nandini his head is spinning.

There, mystery woman thinks Shobhit doesn’t see her. She decides to be careful until Darsh’s alliance doesn’t break with Nandini. Shibhit asks mystery woman if she is fine. Woman signals yes to Shobhit. Charmi bumps into Shobhit. Shobhit decides to behave rudely with Charmi so that she does break up with him. Charmi finds Shobhit’s behaviour odd.

Ahead, Nandini calls out Naveen. Naveen takes Darsh’s with him inside. He checks Darsh’s nerves. Gunn catches Mohan. She beats Mohan and says to him that because of his craziness, her alliance will break with Shobhit. Mohan says to Gunn that he can do anything to gain Nandini. Gunn asks Mohan to believe Vanlata. Mohan says Vanlata is making him fool.

Other side, Naveen asks Darsh to take a rest. Darsh says he will go back home. Naveen asks Darsh to relax. He asks Nandini to bring warm water for Darsh. Naveen orders Bansuri to bring something for Darsh to eat. Later, Gunn tries to manipulate Mohan. She tells to Mohan that Vanlata lay a trap for Darsh and Nandini’s wedding so that her alliance can happen at Rawal’s. Mohan stands shocked hearing Gunn.

Afterwards, Bansuri bring apple for Darsh. She says to Darsh that she doesn’t have any other fruit at home. Darsh asks Bansuri not to worry. Nandini calls Bansuri. Darsh decides to cut apple by himself. Naveen see Darsh cutting apple. He gets scared. Naveen scolds Nandini for leaving Darsh alone. He advise her to take care of Darsh like a child whole life. Darsh over hears Naveen and Nandini’s talk and gets angry. He says he can never be like a normal person. Darsh refuses to eat apple. Nandini cries recalling Darsh falling ill. Darsh asks Nandini not to worry.

Here, Gunn shares Vanlata’s plan with Mohan. She asks Mohan to kidnap Nandini on wedding day. Mohan agrees. There, Shobhit behaves rudely with Charmi. Charmi cries. Shobhit feels bad for Charmi. Meanwhile, Darsh struggles with mosquitos. Nandini bring mosquito net for Darsh. She falls on Darsh. Darsh touch Nandini. Naveen calls out for Bansuri. Nandini gets scared and tries to jump off from Darsh’s clutches.

Darsh asks Nandini what she is wearing for tomorrow’s function. Nandini says she is yet to decide. She says to Darsh, he can’t come for the function as men are not allowed. Darsh says he is blind and can come. Nandini about to leave the place. Darsh stops her. Nandini asks how he learned she was leaving. She adds he can feel things around him by his heart. Gunn sees Darsh and Nandini together. She says she won’t let duo to marry each other. (Episode Ends)

Precap: mystery woman locks Nandini at morgue. Nandini cries out for help.