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Today’s episode starts with Darsh scolding Namrata for trying to harm Nandini. He says to Namrata because of her act Nandini would have died. Darsh and Charmi disclose to Rawal’s to bring out Namrata’s lie they lay a trap. Charmi tells to Rawal’s there is no operation discussion going at the hospital. She adds if any she would have known earlier. Nandini adds Namrata is right at her place that she is unmatched for Darsh. But lying to Rawal’s and giving them hope that Darsh can watch again is wrong. Darsh thinks insipte of so much Nandini is still thinking about him. Namrata asks Nandini who is she too teach her right and wrong. Darsh says to Namrata to behave properly with Nandini as she is going to be her sister-in law. Vipul too scolds Namrata for her behaviour towards Nandini. He thanks Charmi.

Parul apologize to Nandini on Namrata’s be-half. She asks Naveen to prepare for pre-wedding ritual as she will perform on Rajvi’s be-half. Nandini thanks Charmi. Shobhit thinks if Charmi learned about his wedding too. Parul asks Namrata to accompany her.

There, Bansuri and Gunn waits for Nandini and Naveen. Naveen and Nandini comes back home. Bansuri asks Nandini where were she? Naveen asks Bansrui to do the preparation first and he will tell everything to her later. Meanwhile, Namrata berates Nandini’s house locality. Parul asks Namrata to apologize to Nandini. Namrata refuses.

Here, Mohan seeks Rakla’s help to kidnap Nandini. Rakla thinks along with Nandini’s kidnapping, Gunn’s alliance will break too. He gets ready to help Mohan. Rakla asks Mohan to prepare for his wedding.

Furthermore, Parul asks Namrata to apologize to Nandini. Nandini says she doesn’t want any apology but she will be happy if Namrata performs her pre-wedding ritual. Parul asks Namrata to perform. Darsh stops Namrata from performing any ritual. He himself make Nandini wear dupatta. Parul asks Namrata to complete the ritual with Gunn. Namrata makes Gunn to wear the dupatta unwillingly. She thinks she won’t let Nandini enter into Darsh’s life.

Ahead, Vipul disclose to Naveen how Namrata saved Darsh’s life in past. He says Namrata is possessive about Darsh. Namrata goes to Darsh. Darsh says to Namrata he is angry for her behaviour towards Nandini. Nandini tries to talk with Namrata. Namrata leaves the place.

There, villagers asks Rawal’s to perform another ritual. Vipul refuses. Darsh comes and says he is ready to perform any ritual. Parul explains as per the ritual he needs to pick Nandini in his arms and jump to reach Lord Krishna’s idol to seek his blessing. Darsh, Nandini and others stands shocked. (Episode Ends)

Precap: Rakla threatens Bansuri. Namrata doubts Shobhit’s alliance with Gunn