Today’s episode starts with Manata asks Nandini to make Bansuri wear wedding dress. Nandini say she forgot. Manata asks Nandini to leave all that and check dowry stuff as she think something is missing. Nandini goes to check the stuffs she purchased for Bansuri. Manata ask Gunjan to take Bansuri inside. Ahead, Nandini check the stuffs. Gunjan asks Manata why she locked Bansrui. Manata say Bansuri will be in a lock until Nandini will agree her terms and condition. Further, Manata tell to Nandini that she haven’t arranged washing machine for Bansuri thus she is breaking alliance of her sister with her son. Nandini plead Manata not to take back baraat. Manata ask Nandini to come as a dowry to her home along with her cow. Nandini recall her moment with Bansuri where she has mentioned that she can even pluck stars for her sister. She decide to become dowry for Bansuri’s happiness. Manata gets happy.  Bansuri gets shocked seeing Nandini is counted as dowry stuff.  Nandini spot Darsh at the temple. She recall his word where, Darsh quoted life don’t exist in materialistic thing. Nandini think she will go to Bansuri’s sasural not as a part of dowry but as her father.

Ahead, Bansuri’s wedding gets complete. Bansuri confront Nandini about saying yes for coming along with her as a part of dowry. Nandini says she is happy to spend time with her. She further, tell to Bansuri until she arrange the money for washing machine. Nandini asks Bansuri to do garba along with her. Bansuri hug Nandini. Other side, Rajvee wait for Darsh for the exhibition. Vipul asks Rajvee to calm. Darsh come and Rajvee gets happy. There, Nandini comes to Bansuri’s in laws. Manata and Gunjan get happy. Nandini asks Manata where she should tie Dingali. Manata cracks joke and ask Nandini to tie Dingali in bedroom and they will stay out. Ahead, Nandini decide to Dingali outside. Manata and Gunjan decide to make Nandini work all day long.

Other side, Vipul tell to Rajvee, he understand that with this exhibition she is trying to find girl for Darsh. Mr. and Mrs. Patel asks Rajvee about her son alliance with their daughter. Rajvee get happy and ask Patel’s to meet her son first. Here, Darsh share a talk with Shobhit. He decode Shobhit is laughing means Rajvee has scolded him. Shobhit ask Darsh to concentrate on his exhibition. He makes Darsh meet his friend. Patel tell to Rawal’s that their daughter will adjust in their family.Vipul asks Patel’s if they are sure about the alliance. Rajvee think Patel’s are taking about Darsh. Later, Patel’s daughter dance with Darsh. Darsh ignores. Girl fall on the floor and call Darsh blind. (Episode Ends)

Precap: Rajvee vows to find a girl for Darsh