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Star Plus’s show Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha is filled with wedding vibes due to the preparation going on for two weddings together. One of Darsh and Nandini and another of Shobhit and Gunjan. But, little do the viewers know there are going to be lots of twists and turns which they will be soon witnessing in the show. The cast of the show is amazing and that is a very big reason for the show to seem very promising. The chemistry between the duo, Darsh and Nandini is appreciated and is one of the main reasons for the hike up in the viewership of the show.

In the current track, Nandini and Darsh spend some romantic and cute moments together while Mohan is all set to make Nandini his. Vipul comes to Nandini and tells her to break the rishta as Darsh might get his eyes back and after that they want Darsh to find someone of his ability. Nandini refuses to do so and says if Darsh will say then only I will break it. Vipul will be irritated. In the market, Gunjan and Charmy will select same gift for Shobhit but when Gunjan will say she is buying for her to be husband then Charmy will say you take it.

Here, Nandini will come to meet the doctor. Doctor will panic, the mystery woman will pretend to be his assitant to hear what Nandini has to say. Here, Chetan says Nandini and Darsh’s kundli doesn’t match. Darsh says he doesn’t believe in all this but will do the necessary puja. Chetan sees his plan fail to separate Darsh and Nandini. Mystery women makes Nandini go to morgue. Then she locks Nandini inside. Nandini calls out for help but no one is able to hear her. Nandini faints inside. Here, Darsh starts doing the puja for Nandini.

In the upcoming episodes, Rawals will see Darsh on the hospital bed. Vipul will scold Nandini for doing Darsh’s operation without telling them. Rawals will be shocked that Nandini could do something like this.

How will Nandini face this new challenge? What is in store for the lovely couple, Nandini and Darsh? Who is this mystery lady after Darsh and Nandini? Will Nandini be successful in revealing the truth of Doctor and mystery woman?

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