Ishq Mein Marjawan proves to its loyal viewers that nothing is up to prediction or expectations, the pace of events and the chemistry of the co-stars made of this series a strong unit that triggers the hearts of the viewers with respect to their minds.

The recent sequence which involves the 3 main female lead roles was so appealing, Netra the CBI officer thought could fool Deep and was saved by Aarohi from his claws, Deep the most surprising and shocking character all over the story, he fled with his men when he found out that it was a trap.

Now Aarohi is hand in hand with Netra will they be able through their alliance to put this family wickedness to an end or there are incidents yet to come that will blow the minds of the viewers.

Tara who happens to have this strange bonding with Deep, that all her motives in this sequence of the story derived either out of love or vengeance towards Deep, she sends a message to Aarohi telling her about a big plan, so what kind of plan is this, could she ever imagine that her death might be part of the plan that will turn over the sequence of the story.

A strange man hits Tara on the head without managing to get to Aarohi or vise Versa, most probably this man is not Deep cause Deep would still make use of Tara as usual, so most probably Verrat is the one who wants to get rid of Tara cause she became a burden on his shoulders, he can no longer bear.

Meanwhile, Aarohi is working with Netra on evidence to find against Deep, who most probably has nothing to do with this murder.

What will happen next, Was it really Deep, or Was it Veerat the ruthless Wolf?

For more updates don’t skip watching tonight’s episode on colors.