Abhishek Bachchan recently took to Instagram to repost an image of his and Uday Chopra’s characters, Jai and Ali from the Dhoom franchise, sending the rumour mill into a frenzy. The two actors have been known to share a good bond off-screen, and their friendship is one of the high points of the Dhoom franchise.

The original post, captioned “There’s an Ali for Jai in every universe!,” is a heartwarming throwback to the bond the two characters shared throughout all three films of the Dhoom franchise, and a reminder of how everyone needs a friend like Ali in their corner to get through life.

Abhishek Bachchan’s response to the image posted by Prime Video was the cherry on the top, saying “Jai is incomplete without Ali”, sending fans into a frenzy as they began to reminisce about the unique bromance the two cops shared in Dhoom. Abhishek’s story raised hope and sparked rumours of a possible Dhoom sequel in the works, while also serving as a heartwarming reminder of how close he is to Uday Chopra off-screen.

The Dhoom franchise is undoubtedly a fan-favorite and has received a lot of love over the years, especially for the two main characters, Jai and Ali. In the 10 years since the release of Dhoom 3, fans have eagerly been waiting to see where the franchise’s future would take the two characters.