Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke is gearing up for some intense drama. In the show soon viewer’s will see Mishti’s engagement with Nishant.

After all the high voltage drama, finally Mishti too said yes for marrying Nishant. It all started when Mishti along with Nishant plans for her birthday party so that she can learn if Abir still loves her or he has moved on in his life. A mishap happened when Nishant suggest Mishti to go to the jungle and Abir will go behind her too.

Mishti liked the idea and goes deeper inside the jungle and she slipped inside the well while talking with Kuhu. She calls out for the help. Restless, Abir goes in search for Mishti.  He found her injured inside the well and jumps down to rescue her. Abir tries to wake unconscious Mishti and confesses his feelings for her when she saved him from the falling tree branch.

Seeing the unconditional love of Abir and Mishti, Nishant gets envy. And his envy started developing into the love for Mishti and he decides to confess his love for Mishti.

Nishant confesses his love for Mishti in front of Vishamber and Vishamber nods his yes for the duos alliance. Other side, misunderstanding grows between Abir and Mishti after Mishti unintentionally reveals to Kunal that Parul is his biological mother. Meenakshi takes the advantage of the situation and creates more misunderstanding amid Misbir.

Mishti decides to move on in her life with Nishant and says yes to his offer. She to make Abir jealous asks Vishamber to decorate the house more beautifully than previously. Abir think if Mishti hates him so much in real. He gets shocked and he will fail to stop Mishti and Nishant’s engagement.

Now the show soon will witness Mishti and Nishant’s engagement. The engagement pictures are out. Check it out below.

Mishti is slaying in multi-color deep blue lehenga. Nishant is seen complementing her in a closely similar color kurta-pajama and multi-color long jacket. Coming to the look of Abir, he too is looking dapper in a Gujarati attire and turban.

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Well, very soon Kuhu will unexpectedly reveal a truth to Abir which will make him think if he has done any mistake in understanding Mishti’s love for him. He will try to find out the truth and will again try to get back the love of his life. He will pretend enjoying the pre-wedding function of Mishti and will attend them all with the hidden motive.

It will be interesting to watch what more will happen in the show next. Do Abir will be able to stop Mishti and Nishant’s marriage. Time will only tell, to know more keep watching the show Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke mon-fri on Star Plus.

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