In the upcoming episode viewers will witness Abir confessing his love for Mishti and his dilemma about why he left her despite of her being his life, how much he is weak as a person and his helplessness to handle the angst in his heart towards Mishti. His confession happened when he is alone. 

The scenes, his dialogues and the situation is very normal to ITV shows. It happens in every show with such storyline. What was not usual is his acting skills. In monologue confession of Abir, Shaheer shines as an actor. Abir’s dilemma become viewer’s dilemma. They can feel the agony of Abir and can relate to his situation. Shaheer is the reason that viewers can connect to Abir’s character. It is said that a connection in sad circumstances is stronger than ever. In this situation, a viewer gets attached to Abir because of Shaheer’s mastery in his art form and it will remain in their consciousness for long. 

Any actor can dance, sing, enact love scenes and bring out family sequences with ease. However, in emotional scenes which show dilemma and love together, only those actors who have either wide experience or gifted can perform. In Shaheer’s case, both the situation holds true. He has wide experience doing all sorts of roles which makes easy for him to perform. Also, he has a natural talent which surfaced in the older shows of him establishing his brilliance in all he does. 

Don’t miss today’s episode of Yeh Rishtey Hai Pyaar Ke to witness something which rarely happens on television. We would also like to appreciate the director for directing such scenes, writers for writing a well needed scene and monologues and lastly creative team for working all things out. 

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