Aashish Kedar Mehrotra Pics
Actor Aashish Kedar Mehrotra gets compliments for his portrayal of Paritosh in Anupamaa

Rajan Shahi’s popular show Anupamaa is reaching new heights every week. All the actors in the show have been performing well. Recently actor Aashish Kedar Mehrotra who plays Anupamaa’s elder son Paritosh in the show got compliments from an old man who is a follower of the show. Speaking of which Aashish says, “Recently I was at a famous South Indian food joint where I met this old man. He came up to me and went back. Somehow I could feel he has recognized me and wanted to chat. He came again and pulled down his mask and asked me whether I am the Toshu Baby from Anupamaa or not? I was so happy that someone actually came up to me and asked me about my onscreen character. He started complimenting me as Toshu and said, ‘I just love the way you are portraying your role. I was numb and didn’t know how to react. An actor’s dream is to be complimented like this publicly. He also praised Rupali Ganguly’s performance as Anupamaa. By that time his family also joined him and asked me for some pictures with me. But I made it sure to click with him separately. As his words were still ringing in my ears.”

Currently, the world of Anupamaa is shattered as Vanraj Shah her evil husband has came up with the reply of the divorce notice. And also in the family Paritosh is trapped in Rakhi Dave’s plan and has started working for her company. Speaking about the change in mind of Paritosh Aashish says, “Paritosh has never changed the squad. He has been always pro to Vanraj. And he will always stand up and support his father. He will always give his dad the benefit of doubt. As Vanraj is his soft corner. This will keep on happening. I also would like to commend Nidhi Shah who plays my wife Kinjal in the show. She is playing her role wonderfully. The scenes between Toshu and Kinjal are great and there have been love and fights. Sometimes there are emotions which I am playing through eyes so that is an interesting factor. Overall a very enjoyable performance ride.”

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