After extra marital affair, adultery Rajan Shahi ‘Anupama’ is showing a sensitive ‘rape’ track currently.

Character Dimple was assaulted multiple times and was admitted to the hospital by Anupama, Anuj. Anuj, Anupama encourages Dimple to fight against the culprits. Dimple decides to fight a battle against the criminals.

Now amid this serious issue, Dimple was shown dancing along Anupama. Fans lost emotional connection with the track seeing Anupama, Anuj, Dimple dancing to boost. They claim makers are mocking one of the sensitive matter again with their poor execution. See fans reaction on Anupama’s current track below:

Agreed. I never expected top most rated show which had shown extra matrial affair expose so nicely, why such a sensitive matter so fast? Why no SS to the victim & why the FL doesn’t speak when ex shouts on him,why this DS for TRP!! Didn’t expect from DKP #Anupamaa

Don’t defend acts of maker’s with a line like: ITV ≠ Logic. What’s been shown is pathetic, disgusting & plainly disrespectful to the victim’s and survivors who fought & went through this pain. Spare us if you can’t use BASIC logic & research 4/4




Plz show some basic logic while dealing with such sensitive issue! In which police station does a victim identify the accused in such close proximity? For god’s sake think beyond TRP atleast while dealing with such heinous crimes #Anupamaa




– Zero research into how survivors behave in the aftermath of the incident. – No research into what could trigger & cause the survivor to spiral. – No understanding whatsoever of internal & external injuries the survivor would have.

#anupamaa The nonsense is unbearable. There needs to be tough love and tougher treatment for insolent person like Pakhi and Shah’s. Honestly this track feels puke. Equalising a victim’s pain with obnoxious kids and perpetrators.

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Meanwhile, in the show Dimple’s culprits are caught. She loses her cool on one of them. Later, the criminals get the anticipatory bail. In the upcoming episode show Anupama will new entry. Anupama will decide to fight with Vijayendra Mehta. Will she be able to succeed in getting justice for Dimple? Elsewhere Dimple and Samar’s love story will kick start which will leave Leela irked. More twist and turns in the upcoming week. Keep watching Anupama for entertaining drama.

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