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Episode begins with Niyati gives medicine to Abhimanyu but he refuses to eat saying that she is behaving like a jailer. He says that he need to make an important call now. He asks her to do normal duty like every nurse 9 to 5. She tells him that taking care of him and his treatment is her priority. He says that there is a possibility that he won’t recover never. She closes his mouth and asks him to not say like that. She says that she won’t leave until he eats his medicine. He tells her that as usual she will complain about him to Manorama. She says that she won’t disturb Manorama. He tells her that he is going to call Shagun which angers her. She snatches the mobile from him and forcefully makes him eat his medicine.

He apologizes to her for his rude behaviour. He tells her that she is reminding him about his disease and also that he forgot few part of his life. He says that he gets hope seeing Shagun. He tells her that he didn’t want to hurt her but this is how he feels whenever he sees her. She asks him sleep to avoid the side effects of the medicine. He asks her that what she thinks about him and Shagun as couple and don’t they looks like cute couple. She nods at him. He says that he will talk to Shagun tomorrow and lays down on the bed. She leaves the room ( Phir Bhi Tumko Chaahungi song plays in the background ).

On the other hand, Ram tells Sulochna that he won’t talk to Niyati. She tells him that Niyati is his daughter and he can’t avoid her forever. She says that Shayra is like their daughter and what if she is in danger. He calls Niyati but no response from other side. He gets angry and tells Sulochna that Niyati ignoring him.

Meanwhile, Niyati cries recalling Abhimanyu’s words. Anand comes there and asks her that what happened to her in the market. She tells him that she is a wife and how can she see her husband with some other girl. He says that she already knows that this path won’t be easy and he even warned her. She tells him that she thought Abhimanyu will stay by her side but he forgot her that’s why it’s difficult for her. He tells her that difficulties will increase in the future. He asks her to cut off ties with Abhimanyu because she ruining her life.

Meanwhile, Shagun wakes up because of nightmare. She receives the call and learns that Shayra tried to escape. Ram sees the video of Abhimanyu proposing Shagun. He shows the video to Sulochna. He taunts her for sending Niyati with Abhimanyu. He asks her that what Gajendra doing. She cries. He tells her that he already warned her to not trust Abhimanyu but she didn’t listen him. He calls Gajendra and yells at him. He sends the video to him. Gajendra gets shocked seeing that.

Anand tells Niyati that he is not understanding that why she is ruining her life for Abhimanyu. She tells him that everything started when they were kids and she won’t leave Abhimanyu till end. She says that Abhimanyu forgot her but she remembers everything and no one can come in between her and Abhimanyu not even Shagun.

Episode ends.

Precap – Shagun refuses to believe that Niyati is Abhimanyu’s wife. She plans to use Abhimanyu’s memory loss for her revenge.