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Episode begins with Niyati hides her face with veil before Abhimanyu sees her. He offers to drop them at their house. Nitya gets excited hearing him. Niyati is about to fall but Abhimanyu holds her hand and asks her to be careful. After some time, Abhimanyu drops Nitya and Niyati near their house. Niyati’s duppata get stuck on Abhimanyu’s car so Abhimanyu helps her. Then she leaves from there with Nitya.

Next day, Nitya thinks a way to reunite her parents. She pleads God to help her. She gets an idea and goes to Sulochna and sits beside her silently. Sulochna asks her that why the latter is silent today. Nitya tells her that she need to solve the problem but she has two path. Sulochna advices her to follow the path of truth. Nitya decides to tell Abhimanyu that she is his daughter. She thinks that Abhimanyu won’t get angry after learning the truth like Gajendra said. And after revealing the truth, she can reunite her parents. She says that Sulochna is best and runs from there.

On the other hand, Abhimanyu looks after the decorations. Kavya tells him that it would be good if birthday comes every month. He talks about Nitya. Kavya hugs him and asks him to not love anyone more than her.

Niyati informs Sulochna about beggar ladies conversation. She tells her that she can find Nitya’s parents through those beggar ladies. She says that Nitya deserves to get her family’s love and she can understand Nitya parents pain too. Sulochna praises her and asks her to leave.

Gajendra meets Niyati and asks her about her second husband. Niyati reveals that she is not Nitya’s biological mother. She informs him everything. He tells her that Nitya saw her and Abhimanyu’s picture and thinks that she is Abhimanyu’s daughter. On the other hand, Nitya buys flower bouquet, cake and card for Abhimanyu. Gajendra asks Niyati to tell the truth to Nitya before she gets hurt. Niyati learns that Nitya is not at house.

Bua criticises the decorations. Nitya comes there. She thinks that she is going to live with her family. Niyati calls Abhimanyu and learns that Nitya is with him. Niyati says that she can’t let Nitya know the truth. Gajendra and Niyati leaves for Pandey house.

Nitya takes Amma’s blessings. Abhimanyu introduces Nitya to Amma. He says that Nitya even brought gifts for Kavya. Nitya tells him that she brought these gifts for him. She adds that she is going to share a good news with him. He asks her that what is her good news. Kavya tells Meera that it’s her birthday but Nitya brought gifts for Abhimanyu.

Meanwhile, Niyati asks Gajendra to drive fast. Nitya gives card to Abhimanyu which states that she is his daughter. He gets shocked reading it. She calls him as father which shocks everyone. He drops the card in shock.

Episode ends.