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Episode begins with Abhimanyu drops the card in shock. Nitya takes the card says to Abhimanyu that this is her good news. Meera takes the card from Nitya and reads it. Everyone gets shocked hearing her. Amma asks that what’s happening here. Nitya shows Niyati’s picture to them and says that Niyati is her mother. She hugs Abhimanyu and says that he is her father. She tells him that she knows that he and Niyati fought and pleads him to reunite with Niyati so they can live together.

He tells her that she misunderstood him as her father. He informs her that Anand is her father. She tells him that Anand is Niyati’s friend and he lives in Mumbai. He says to her that he is not her father and his daughter died because of her mother. He tells her to ask Niyati about her father.

Niyati and Gajendra comes there. Amma asks Niyati that what’s happening here. Nitya asks Niyati that why Abhimanyu saying that she is not his daughter. Niyati tells Abhimanyu that he should have remained silent in front of Nitya. He tells her that he told the truth only. He says that Nitya deserves to know about her father. She pleads him to stop it.

Nitya faints. Abhimanyu and Niyati takes her inside the house. Gajendra calls Doctor. Niyati sprinkles water on Nitya’s face and asks her to wake up. After some time, Doctor tells them that Nitya fainted twice in two days which is not good. She reminds them about the tests she told them to take it.

Nitya wakes up. Niyati apologizes to her for letting her go through all this. She asks her to get up and they leaves from there. Amma stops Niyati and asks her about her remarriage. Niyati tells her that she don’t want to give any explanations and leaves the house with Nitya.

Rup says that Niyati send Nitya to their house deliberately to trouble them. Amma asks her to stop it. Meera defends Niyati. Abhimanyu goes to the lawn. Gajendra comes there. Abhimanyu tells him that he broke Nitya’s heart. He asks him that how can Niyati hide about her remarriage from Nitya. Kavya comes there and says that she hates Nitya. Abhimanyu asks her to not get angry at Nitya because she misunderstood everything.

Ram yells at Sulochna and Niyati for hiding about Nitya visiting Pandey house from him. Niyati goes inside the room. Nitya asks her that who is her parents. Niyati tells her everything. She reveals that she found her at temple. And she promises to find her parents. She sings a lullaby and Nitya falls asleep. Niyati leaves the room. Nitya wakes up and says that only Niyati is her mother. She leaves for temple to pray to God so Niyati doesn’t find her real parents. Beggar ladies notices Nitya and tries to kidnap her.

Episode ends.