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Episode begins with Angad realises that Niyati took her own daughter from the temple that night. Beggar lady says that seems like even God want to unite them. She asks him that if he can separate them. He tells her that he is facing this day because of her foolishness. She tells him that it’s Jumki who put the child in the temple and she is just helping him. He orders his henchmen to kill Nitya before she tells the truth to Abhimanyu. On the other hand, Ram and Sulochna gets worried seeing Nitya in unconscious state. Ram suggests to take Nitya to hospital. Abhimanyu informs him that they visited Doctor already and tomorrow they will get reports. Ram tells Niyati to go inside. Sulochna goes inside with Nitya. Niyati follows her.

Ram reminds Abhimanyu about divorce. He asks him to not meet Niyati again. He adds that he won’t let Niyati get trapped in Abhimanyu’s plan. Abhimanyu tells him that he need not to worry because he don’t want Niyati in his life. But he will visit Nitya and no one can stop him. He reminds him that Niyati’s relationship ended because of her mistake. Ram tells him that Niyati is not wrong but Manorama. Abhimanyu tells him that he can’t hear a word against Manorama and he will come tomorrow to meet Nitya and leaves from there.

Niyati tells Nitya that she can’t live if anything happen to her then. Ram asks her to come out of the room. He tells her that he don’t like her meeting Abhimanyu. She tells him that destiny brought Abhimanyu in Nitya’s life. He tells her that Abhimanyu cut off all ties with her and now he should not contact Nitya too. Angad’s henchmen discuss that it should look like they are here to steal and they sneak into the house. Light goes off. Niyati goes to Nitya. Angad’s henchmen makes Sulochna and Ram unconscious.

Niyati sings a lullaby for Nitya. Angad’s henchmen enters the room and asks about money and jewels. Niyati screams for help and says that they don’t have anything. They threatens to kill Nitya. Niyati pleads them to not do like that. Meanwhile, Angad tells himself that he won’t let Niyati and Abhimanyu reunite. He adds that Abhimanyu and Niyati will lose their daughter today once again.

Angad’s henchmen tries to kill Nitya. But Abhimanyu saves Nitya. He recalls that how he returned to take his purse and saw Ram and Sulochna in unconscious state. He fights with Angad’s henchmen. They tries to stab Abhimanyu but Niyati saves him. She goes to her parents and shakes them. They regains their consciousness. Angad’s henchmen escapes from there.

Abhimanyu goes to check on Nitya. Ram slaps him and accuses him for this attack. Niyati tells him that Abhimanyu saved them from goons. She thanks Abhimanyu. She notices that Abhimanyu’s hand bleeding and treats his wound ( Title song plays in the background ). They recalls the moments they shared with each other.

Episode ends.