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The episode begins with Niyati chases Angad and removes his mask. He pushes her and runs from there with Nitya. Ram and Sulochna comes out of their room and asks Niyati that what happened. Niyati loses her consciousness so they takes her inside. On the other hand, Nitya tells Angad that she will tell the truth to Abhimanyu then her father won’t leave him. He asks her to shut up but she screams for help so he makes her unconscious. Driver stops the car at Pandey house. Angad picks Nitya and sneaks into the house. Abhimanyu comes downstairs and wonders that who opened the door. He closes it and goes upstairs. Angad takes Nitya to storeroom and puts her there. He says that she want to reunite her parents but he can’t let that happen so she has to die.

Next day, Doctor examines Niyati and tells Ram and Sulochna that Niyati is fine and leaves from there. Niyati wakes up and takes Nitya’s name. Ram informs her that he gave complaint in the police station yesterday itself. She tells him that it’s Angad who kidnapped Nitya. She asks him to bring the police to Pandey house and leaves for Pandey house.

On the other hand, Manorama reaches the Pandey house. Abhimanyu gets emotional seeing her and hugs her. She hugs him back and cries. She feels bad that he is working like servant when he is the owner. He tells her that so much happened in her absence. He tries to tell her about Niyati. But Angad interrupts saying that he have something important to tell Manorama and takes her inside.

Abhimanyu notices Niyati and asks her that what is she doing there. He asks her about her wound but she ignores him and goes inside. Everyone gathers in the hall. Niyati tells Angad that he crossed all the limits. Gajendra asks her that what Angad did. Niyati slaps Angad and asks him about her daughter. She demands truth from him. He asks her that if she is mad. And how he knows about Nitya. She says that it’s Angad who kidnapped Nitya. She adds that Angad send those goons to kill Nitya. He asks her that why he will kidnap Nitya.

Manorama gets confused hearing about Nitya. Niyati tells her that she found Nitya at temple six years back. She asks her to not say anything because he lost her rights six years back. She says that she can do anything for Nitya. She takes knife from the table and asks Angad about Nitya. Abhimanyu asks her that if she become mad. She asks him that when he will trust her. Manorama asks that why Angad will kidnap Nitya. Abhimanyu tells Niyati that he will find Nitya. Gajendra tells him that Niyati won’t accuse Angad unnecessarily. Abhimanyu takes Niyati out of the house.

Angad informs Manorama that he kidnapped Nitya because Nitya is Abhimanyu and Niyati’s daughter. He reveals everything to her which shocks her. She asks him that why he did all this. He tells her that he wanted to take revenge on Abhimanyu and Niyati. He adds that Nitya knows everything. Meanwhile, Abhimanyu and Niyati finds Nitya’s bracelet outside Pandey house.

Episode ends.