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Episode begins with Abhimanyu and Niyati finds Nitya’s bracelet outside Pandey house. Meanwhile, Angad tells Manorama that if Abhimanyu got to know the truth then he will kill him. He says that he did everything in fear and he didn’t had any other choice. He adds that this is his last mistake. He pleads her to save him. He says that he would not have kidnapped Nitya if she didn’t learnt the truth then. He tells her that her lie will come out too. She tells him that she lied because he didn’t tell the complete truth to her. He tells her that Abhimanyu and Niyati got separated because of her lie. He says to her that Abhimanyu will hate her if he got to know the truth then. He adds that she can’t handle Abhimanyu’s hatred so she should help him. She asks him about Nitya. He tells her that he kept Nitya in the basement.

Abhimanyu tells Niyati that it’s possible that Nitya dropped her bracelet when she visited his house. She tells him that it looks like he really don’t want to see the truth. Manorama tells Angad that she will take all the blame. And Abhimanyu will forgive them if he got to know that his daughter is alive then. He tells her to listen him.

Niyati enters the house and tells Gajendra that she want to search the house. He gives permission to her. Everyone searches Nitya except Abhimanyu. Niyati finds Nitya unconscious in the basement. Manorama tells Angad that they did wrong with Abhimanyu so they should tell the truth to him atleast now.

Niyati picks Nitya and comes to the hall. Abhimanyu gets shocked seeing Nitya. Amma says that Niyati was right but no one listened her. Gajendra calls Doctor. Amma sprinkles water on Nitya. Niyati asks Abhimanyu that why he is silent now. She tauntingly tells him to say that this is also her drama. She adds that for him everyone is wrong except Angad and Manorama. She tells him to question Angad that why he kidnapped Nitya. She asks him that where are they. She tells him that he don’t have guts to question them. She says that now they must be planning to fool him again. Angad and Manorama hears that. Niyati says that Abhimanyu will believe Manorama only no matter what. Abhimanyu goes inside. Nitya regains her consciousness.

Angad strangles Manorama saying that he won’t let her tell the truth. Abhimanyu sees that and beat Angad up. Niyati says that Manorama came up with new plan already. She says that she don’t care that Angad tried to kill Manorama or not. She asks Angad that why he kidnapped Nitya. Abhimanyu asks Angad to tell the truth. Manorama tries to say something but Niyati and Gajendra doesn’t let her speak. Abhimanyu says that Manorama is innocent. Niyati tells him that he is getting trapped in their plan again.

Episode ends.