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Episode begins with Manorama tells Abhimanyu that she should have done this six years back when she got to know that Angad kidnapped Nitya. She adds that she became blind in Angad’s love and ruined Abhimanyu’s life. She says to him that she did wrong with him. He tells her that he won’t let anything happen to her. He asks Police inspector to arrest him saying that he killed Angad. She asks him to not repeat his mistake. She says that Niyati and Nitya has rights on Abhimanyu’s love.

She tells him that she returned to give his rights to him. She gives the property papers to him. She tells Niyati that she don’t deserve her forgiveness. She blesses her and Nitya. She tells Gajendra that she ruined her life for revenge and apologizes to him. She apologizes to others also. Abhimanyu tells her that he can’t live without her. She asks him to live with Niyati and Nitya. Police takes Manorama from there. Abhimanyu follows them.

Ram tells Niyati that they should leave now. Gajendra asks Ram that why the latter behaving like this when the truth is out. Nitya tells Ram that this is also her house only. Amma asks Ram to not take Nitya and Niyati from there. Ram asks Niyati to decide what she wants now. She tells him that she and Abhimanyu are not made for each other. She adds that she want to return to Mumbai along with Nitya. Nitya tells her that she don’t want to go anywhere. Niyati takes her from there.

Sulochna tells Ram that God reunited Nitya and Niyati. Ram tells her that it won’t be easy for Niyati to forget that what Abhimanyu did. She tells him that Nitya deserves her parents love. Meanwhile, Gajendra informs Abhimanyu that Niyati decided to leave for Mumbai along with Nitya. Amma asks Abhimanyu to stop Niyati.

Nitya tells Niyati that she won’t go anywhere. Niyati tells Nitya that if the latter want to live with Abhimanyu then she can live. Nitya tells her that she won’t leave her and hugs her. They hears mouthorgan sound and comes out of the room. Abhimanyu says to them that they can’t leave without punishing him. Ram asks him to go to police station if he wants punishment then. Abhimanyu tells him that Niyati should stay with him to punish him. Nitya asks Niyati to listen Abhimanyu. Niyati says that he can’t joke like this. He tells her that he became a joke. He adds that they are standing like this because of their kismat connection.

Niyati takes Abhimanyu to a room and tells him that they can’t live together. He pleads her to not leave him. He asks her to give one chance to him. He adds that he can’t live without her and Nitya. She asks him to not stop her. She takes the luggage and leaves from there. Later, Abhimanyu returns to Pandey house. Niyati comes there and says that she could not leave. She tells him that she forgave him and it’s a new beginning for them. Nitya says that she won’t let them separate again.

The End.