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The episode starts with Satvik asking the doctor when Jeevika will get her consciousness. The doctor tells him that there is nothing to worry about. She fainted due to shock. She was dehydrated. She will get consciousness asap. Shlok says to Swara that she is worried about her a lot, so take a rest. Swara tells him that she didn’t inform the family about Jeevika’s state. She returns home. Rajnandini thinks that she has no idea whatever Rao said to Jeevika. She hears Satvik’s phone conversation. Rajnandini pretends to inquire Satvik about Jeevika? He tells her that she is still unconscious. Satvik says to her that Rao escaped from the hospital. His face wasn’t clear in the CCTV footage. Rajnandini feels relieved. He says to her that he won’t leave the person who is behind all this. Rajnandini uses the situation to favour her.

Swara returns home and thinks that she can’t inform anyone about her state. She thanked God for saving Jeevika. She thinks that Shlok is able to explain to her what’s actually going on there. Meanwhile, Rajnandini meets Jeevika. She thinks that she brought her here for her needs. But she is troubling her. She doesn’t like people who are a thorn in her path. She took a pillow in her hand to press it against Jeevika’s face. She says good bye to Jeevika and thinks let’s meet at the next birth. Satvik enters inside the room at the right time. Rajnandini pretends to caress her face. Rajnandini says to Satvik that he saved her from that danger. It’s a good thing. But he shouldn’t show his concern for her. It may lead her to a wrong decision. He might show his hate for her. Satvik tells her that he has something to finish. He will correct it asap. Later, Swara and Shlok are chatting with each other. Swara mentions him as sweet. She thinks that he is a rude person, then why is she mentioning him as sweet?

Rajnandini thinks that she brought Jeevika here for her needs but she is sitting on her head now. She has to do something to kick both Satvik and Jeevika out of the house. Then will only she get enough respect in this house? Later, Satvik holds Jeevika’s hand. He apologized to her for his mistake. He tells her that he has to show his hate to her to stop her from coming near him. He says to her it’s enough to wake up. He hates himself for hurting her. He assures her to correct everything. He asks her to come back to her consciousness. He caresses her head. Meanwhile, Satvik receives a call from Supriya. He asks her why she is calling him? She asks him to meet her. Satvik leaves from there. Ruhi inquires Rajnandini where Satvik went? Rajnandini asks her if she has security to check who is coming in and going out. Ruhi tells her that she is the owner of this house. She has to know everything. Ruhi asks her who was the one who kidnapped her? Does she have an enemy outside?

Adaya informs Rajnandini that Jeevika gained her consciousness. Ruhi asks Jeevika who had kidnapped her? Jeevika tells her that she doesn’t remember anything. She asks her about Satvik. She tells her that he went out for some work. There is no meeting in the office today, though he went out. It seems he has important work. Rajnandini asks her if Rao said anything to her? She informs her that he said someone in their family was doing all this. She wishes to inform Satvik about it but she stops it. She tells her that he is busy with his work so don’t disturb him. Jeevika thinks why did he gave pen to her? Later, Satvik meets Supriya. Supriya worries about him and hugs him. Rajnandini asks Shlok to stop the car. Jeevika and Shlok go to check them. Jeevika is shocked to see Satvik hugging Supriya.

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