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The episode starts with Sadvik discussing with his friend Surpriya. Sadvik wishes to know the reason for which Surpiya left him. His friend advises Sadvik to wait for Surpriya as he is certain that she will return to him. Sadvik says that he can wait all his life for Surpriya, but his dad has only few months left to live. So he is marrying Jeevika whom Rajnandhini chose for him. He also adds that Jeevika is the girl whom he saved. His friend wonders why Rajnandhini chose Jeevika for him. Sadvik trusts Rajnandhini’s decision. On the other hand, Rajnandhini says that Jeevika becoming infertile is unfortunate for Jeevikq, but it’s fortunate for her. She further says that Narayan forcing Sadvik for marriage is unfortunate for Sadvik, but fortunate for her. She says that Sadvik and Jeevika’s marriage os fixed by her and not by the fate.

Jhanvi recitates the poem that she prepared for the competition to Jeevika. Jeevika praises Jhanvi. The family talks about Jeevika having lot of dreams. Sukanya who is sad about Jeevika’s condition, says that all dreams don’t become true. Jeevika says jokingly that if the dream doesn’t come true she will change the fate. Sukanya asks Jeevika to come out of her dream world. She scolds Jeevika which surprises the family. Prateep asks Sukanya what happened to her, why she’s acting weird ever since they returned from the hospital. Pallavi grows worried that Sukanya will tell about Jeevika’s truth.

On the other hand, Juhi asks Rajnandhini how she’s sure that Jeevika will agree to marry Sadvik after knowing his condition. Rajnandhini says in a twisted words that she won’t tell Jeevika about Sadvik’s condition which Ruhi understands lately. Aadiya arrives there. Juhi leaves. Rajnandhini compliments Aadiya’s appearance. Aadiya asks if Sadvik is also coming with them. Rajnandhini says that Sadvik isn’t coming as he has some important in the office. Aadiya asks if it won’t look weird if Sadvik doesn’t come.

Here, Pallavi makes an excuse and takes Sukanya with her to the terrace. She asks Sukanya to hide the truth till Jeevika’s marriage. Sukanya refuses to trust Rajnandhini who is a stranger and betray her daughter. Just then, Prateep arrives there. He hears only the word betrayal and asks who betrayed whom. Pallavi says that she betrayed them. She says that she hid from them that they started to look groom for Jeevika. Prateep and Jeevika are shocked to hear this. Jeevika is about to refuse. They hear door bell ringing. They go down stairs.

The Bhosle family arrives at Rane’s house. Pallavi happy to see Rajnandhini. The latter apologizes to Jeevika’s dad for coming without informing. Rajnandhini introduces herself and her family to the Ranes. She says that they’re coming from Savitri’s house. Pallavi introduces everyone I’m Rane’s family to Rajnandhini. She says to her family that Rajnandhini has come to ask Jeevika’s hand in marriage for her brother-in-law Sadvik which shocks the Ranes. Pallavi asks Jeevika to get do some makeup. Prateep says to Pallavi that Jeevika looks beautiful naturally. Prateep takes Pallavi aside and scolds her for calling them home without asking anyone. Pallavi loudly argues with Prateep. Sukanya hears this and goes to them.

Sukanya asks Prateep to talk calmly. Prateep complains about Sukanya not scolding Pallavi instead. On seeing Sukanya staying silent, Pratik asks if she also aware of this alliance. Pallavi says no. Prateep gestures Pallavi to stop. Sukanya says that she doesn’t want to refuse such a good alliance. Here, Jeevika’s dad recognizes that Rajnandhini family runs the Savitri textile business. Rajnandhini asks Jeevika about her health. Jeevika says that she’s fine and asks how she knows about it. Just then, Pradeep arrives there. Meanwhile, Sukanya scolds Pallavi for not informing her about their arrival. She says to Pallavi that Partik won’t agree to this alliance if he learns that Sadvik caused Jeevika’s alliance.

Parteep asks Rajnandhini how they know Jeevika. Pallavi interrupts them and praises Sadvik. Pratik repeats his question to Rajnandhini. The latter says that she doesn’t know Jeevika, but she knows Pallavi. She met Pallavi in the hospital. Pallavi intervenes and says that Sadvik rushed Jeevika to the hospital. Jeevika is about to say that she bumped into him, but Pallavi stops her. Jeevika takes Pallavi aside to talk.

Jeevika’s dad says that thankfully Sadvik was there to save Jeevika. Pradeep asks Rajnandhini what she was doing in the hospital. Aadiya says that they were waiting for her dad to get well and coincidentally Jeevika was also admitted in the same hospital. Pradeep finds that it’s weird that they are searching for an alliance when a person of their family is unwell.

Jeevika asks Pallavi how Sadvik agreed to marry her without seeing her. Pallavi lies to Jeevika. She says that Sadvik saw her in the hospital and fell for her. Jeevika says that she isn’t interested to get married now which shocks Pallavi.

The episode ends.

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Agnisakshi 27th January 2023 Written Update: Sadvik agrees to marry Jeevika