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The episode starts with Satvik feeling betrayed. He complained to Jeevika that his wife and brother hid the truth from him. Jeevika tells him that it’s not like that. Utkarsh asked her to hide it from him. Satvik tells her that he is her husband. She hides the truth about her brother. Utkarsh says that he asked her to hide it from him. It’s not her mistake. Later, Rajnandini says to Juhi that Savithri’s silk has many computers. Though they are recording every account in a book. It’s time to destroy this family. Juhi tells her that they loved her a lot. Then why is she trying to destroy them? Rajnandini slaps her and says that it’s not her house. Later, Satvik says to Utkarsh that they are not trusting him. That is why he is hiding the truth from him. Utkarsh tells him it’s not like that. It’s not the right time. Satvik says that he can’t wait any more. He needs the truth. Jeevika says that he is a child. That is why he is believing the culprit blindly. Who doesn’t deserve his trust? She shows Rajnandini’s confession video to Satvik. He was shocked to see it.

Jeevika asks Utkarsh if he knows the truth well. Utkarsh says that if he revealed the truth, then this family would be destroyed. Rajnandini says to Juhi that she is her sister. She shouldn’t trust anyone here. Juhi says that she wouldn’t slap her if she considered her as her sister. Utkarsh says that he is aware that Rajnandini is behind it all. Because of her, he was separated from his family. She locked him in the farm house. Jeevika was shocked to hear that. Satvik apologized to him for not finding the truth. Utkarsh says that Jeevika saved her. Jeevika tells him that god saved him. Let’s expose Rajnandini. Utkarsh breaks it. Satvik asks him if he is trying to save his wife? Utkarsh says that he is saving his wife Ritima.

Juhi says to Rajnandini that this family wouldn’t have betrayed her. She had misunderstood something. These are not the reasons for that. She made her hate this family without a reason. What was the reason behind her hate for this family? She had never allowed her to ask her anything yet. She won’t stay quiet anymore. Rajnandini says that she made herself a fool. She doesn’t have time to waste with her. Juhi asks her to answer her. What happened to our parents and sister? Satvik asks him who Rajnandin is. He says to him that Rajnandini isn’t his wife but Ritima. She is her elder sister. He is aware that Narayanan won’t agree to this wedding. So they informed Rajnandini about it. They got married. Satvik says that he brought Rajnandini to this house as his wife. He recalls the past. Jeevika asks him why he had lied to them then? Utkarsh says that he was forced to do it. She threatened him with doing it.

Rajnandini says to Juhi that she wants to learn the truth. Because of this family, their parents were dead. Their childhood was ruined. Satvik asks Utkarsh why did she do like that for money? Utkarsh says that she wanted to take revenge on them for the death of her father. Her father is the reason for Savithri’s death.

Episode end

Precap; Rajnandini provoked Latha against Jeevika. Satvik gives a fitting reply to her.

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