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Colors TV’s newly launched show Agnisakshi Ek Samjhauta is already gearing up for more drama with Rajnandhini bringing Sadvik’s alliance for Jeevika. 

In the previous episode, it was seen that Jeevika and her family were shocked when Rajnandhini brought Sadvik’s alliance for Jeevika. Prateep questioned Rajnandhini how she knew Jeevika, to which, Rajnandhini said that she knew Pallavi and met her.

Aadiya said that her dad wasn’t unwell when Prateep asked what they were doing in the hospital. Pallavi hid the fact that Sadvik had caused Jeevika’s accident and said only that he had saved her. However, Prateep didn’t like Sadvik’s alliance. 

In the upcoming episode, it will be seen that Prateep will reject Sadvik’s alliance for Jeevika. He will say that Sadvik hasn’t even come to see Jeevika and will refuse to accept it without seeing Sadvik. Rajnandhini will suggest meeting the next day in the temple. Later, Rajnandhini will convince Sadvik to meet Jeevika’s family.

Sadvik will ask Rajnandhini if she told Jeevika about Surpriya. Rajnandhini will lie to Sadvik. She will say that she told Jeevika’s sister-in-law about Surpriya, as Jeevika is still in shock about the accident, so she wanted one of her family members to tell her this.

Sadvik will agree with Rajnandhini as he trusts her so much. The next day, Jeevika’s family will be waiting for Sadvik and his family. Jeevika will be confused about Sadvik’s alliance.

She will meet the lady who predicted that she was going to meet her Krishna. The lady will give a prediction to Jeevika again. She will say that Sadvik is her Krishna. 

What will happen next? Will Jeevika agree to marry Sadvik after hearing the lady’s prediction? 

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