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Colors TV’s newly launched show Agnisakshi Ek Samjhauta is gearing up for more drama with Rajnandhini asking Pallavi to prevent Sadvik and Jeevika from talking.

In the previous episode, it was seen that Sadvik rescued Jeevika from the goons’ attack and warned the moneylender when he insulted Jeevika’s dad. Sadvik repaid Jeevika’s family loan. Jeevika’s family were feeling grateful towards Sadvik. Pradeep apologized to Sadvik for misjudging him. Rajnandhini phoned Pallavi and asked her to prevent Sadvik and Jeevika from talking somehow.

Meanwhile, Jeevika thanked Sadvik and apologized to him on Pradeep’s behalf. They both talk about their siblings. Sadvik got emotional, remembering his elder brother who was no more. Jeevika said that it was important that Sadvik learn about her past before they start their relationship.

She gave Sadvik a letter, saying that she expressed whatever she couldn’t say verbally in that letter. She asked Sadvik to decide about their wedding after reading that letter.

In the upcoming episode, it will be seen that Sadvik will be astonished after reading Jeevika’s letter. However, he will also get courage and will express in a letter about his ex-girlfriend Surpriya. He will give that letter to Jeevika.

He will say to Jeevika to make her decision about their marriage after reading it. After Sadvik left, Jeevika will read Sadvik’s letter and will smile. She will send a message to Sadvik. On the other hand, Manas will be sure that Jeevika will refuse to marry Sadvik after reading his letter.

But to the surprise of Sadvik and Manas, Sadvik will receive a message from Jeevika in which she will agree to marry Sadvik.

What is Jeevika’s truth? Did Jeevika really read the letter? Did Pallavi play some trick?

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