Zee TV show Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega is always pinned one of the hit show of the channel. The show is based on a girl named Guddan who is a mother-in-law of three elder daughters-in-law. Guddan who got married to AJ in an unwanted situation has managed to make the relationship stand strong enough by now. The regular viewers of the show knew how Guddan and AJ together defeated all their enemies in the show. Currently, Guddan is confronting bua of AJ named Shantani who is not much fond of her and wants her to be away from Jindal house and Aj’s life.

In the recent episodes of the show, Guddan is vomiting due to some illness in her body whereas AJ asked her to go and consult a doctor for better clarity. However, the housemates of the Jindal family misunderstand the whole situation and assumes that Guddan is pregnant. When guddan and AJ came back from doctor clinic define themselves in between of a celebration.

The family members are happy with the thought that Guddan is going to give the house a child and finally the family will have an heir. To their dismay, AJ said it’s all a misunderstanding and there are no such happenings taking place in the family.  Moreover, he said they are not like a regular husband and wife but close friends. On the other hand, Guddan got thrashed by Shantani bua for not able to to be a perfect wife and give the family a successor. In tonight episode viewers will see that AJ will take his wife side and declare in front of the family that he will be with Guddan always. Later he finds Guddan upset inside of a cupboard and will tell her that he is with her and she doesn’t need to be upset with anyone words.

Now, all we have to see is will love blossoms between AJ and Guddan in future? To know more keep reading this space.



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