By Anil Merani: At the outset, let me state that Akansha Chamola’s kitten video was insensitive. The poor thing must have gotten hurt by the fall. Why would she want to injure the baby cat as part of her video, in which she makes a point about children and pets?   

Her explanation of it being scripted and just for fun does not cut much ice. Not many will bother about her talk of cats not falling. They will still focus on why she dropped the feline in the first place.

It is no surprise that animal lovers are up in arms. Some fans must have also contacted PETA and the animal welfare department.

Having said all that, I am surprised why some fans turned on  Rupali Ganguly; what was her fault? Agreed, both  Rupali and  Akansha’s hubby  Gaurav  Khanna, dont get along on the sets of Numero uno Star Plus show  Anupamaa; still, to blame her is a stretch.

Social media is crazy; it gives oxygen to the weirdest of conspiracy theories, allowing folks to peddle rampant hatred without an iota of proof.

It is good that  Rupali defended herself. 

I would not be surprised if many of the stans who jumped into the fray were not even true animal lovers; they were just Gaurav fans who wanted to targe Rupali. Her joining the BJP also might not have impressed all fans.

While I will not condone any hate or abusive message, I will put out my neck saying  Akansha invited self trouble. I am sure she is well aware of how toxic social media can be 

No wonder most celebs only put out vanilla posts, not wanting to get trapped in trouble.

Good to see Kavita Kaushik coming out in support of her neighbour. No one else in the industry wants to wade in this predicament.