Sushant Kumar (Hum Tum Telefilms) the young and dynamic producer of Badho Bahu speaks on Children’s day!

What is the significance of Children’s day according to you?
 For me children’s day is a day  which reminds me that how precious is your childhood because once you grow up you get  busy in proving yourself and somehow you loose that child in you, that innocence. So this day brings back so many childhood memories and those are definitely priceless.

Which city you spent your childhood in?
 Darbhanga & Patna in Bihar. As my father was a government officer, we used to change our place ever after 2-3 years. So I changed my school thrice. So every time there was a new school, new teachers as well as new set of  friends.
What are your fondest memories of childhood?
First of all on children’s day I remember Shri Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru our first Prime Minister and his bond with children. I have so many school memories to cherish like special celebration at school where I used to take part in as I always loved dancing and acting. So for me this used to be a special day and who doesn’t miss those “ladoos and sweets and chocolates. I used to eat 300 to 400 chocolate everyday and my mom used to scold me. My all time favourite one is 5 star and Bourbon. Oh I miss my whole childhood specially those stress free days. It was the best time of our life.  I feel best friends of life are always school friends with whom you grow. It’s an amazing feeling and I am still in touch with my all my friends courtesy social media.
What are the things you miss from your childhood?
My father was a government officer so we had to change places because of postings so I ended up spending childhood in different cities. I want to say one thing today’s children’s are very smart. I have three nephew’s they talk so well, one of them is just 9 months old  and uses phone and laptop so well that it amazes me. Don’t pressurize them for study or for good marks, let them enjoy their childhood and let them do what they want to do in life. The most important thing is spend time with them. All children are beautiful gift from God, just spread love and care ! We need to develop a good society and positive atmosphere for them.