After AJ saves Angat from Rocky, drama to galore more in-Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega.

Durga to save herself from AJ puts the blame on Rocky. AJ rushes to save Angat from Rocky. AJ before leaving locks Guddan in a room and says she has done a lot and now he can’t risk her life. Guddan insists him to open the door but AJ left.

AJ at the garage spotted Rocky. Rocky asked him not to come close else he will kill Angat. Angat too asked AJ not to come close to him. Guddan comes there and asks Rocky to leave Angat and AJ. Meanwhile police entered the place at the same time and arrested Rocky.

Angat comes back home. Dadi gets happy to see Angat alive but slaps him for trying to kill AJ. Angat said sorry to AJ for his deeds. AJ said he should say sorry to Guddan first. Angat asks forgiveness from Guddan too by addressing her as bhabhi.

Everyone gets happy. Later AJ makes Guddan to wear mangalsutra. Happy tears rolled down and Guddan promises him that she will always keep him happy. AJ promises her back by saying I love you. He also assures her that from now he will never hurt her again.

Now ahead in the story AJ and Guddan will ask Angat about the real culprit. And Angat this time will reveal the truth in front of all. Angat will point on Durga. AJ, Guddan and Dadi will be shocked learning Durga’s truth.

It will be interesting to watch after Durga’s evil intensions will be reveal what AJ and Guddan will do next and what new twist will come in the show next.

Keep looking this space for more updates.