Dr. Rohit Sippy of Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum is the current most loved fiction character of Indian Television. Along with the show, Rohit Sippy (Karan V Grover) is also getting the praises from all over the globe. Sippy is a dedicated son, caring brother, passionate towards his work and a romantic husband. These qualities of his are making the fans to fall for Rohit more.

Heart-throb Karan V Grover is leaving no chance unturned to bring the best out of Rohit. His expressions, mood and appearance are amazing and Rohit’s character is one of the most balanced characters at ITV currently.

There was the situation where Rohit’s sister Puja’s dress was malfunctioned and he misunderstands Sonakshi. He got angry on her and accuses her for all the mess. We saw the angry Rohit for the very first time. His anger was on point, as one would have reacted similarly after what all happened with his sister. Actor Karan V Grover’s performance was praiseworthy.


Apart from this, Rohit was red in anger when obsessed with Sonakshi, Mahesh hurted her. Rohit got hyper and in angry mood he decided to kill Mahesh. This angry man look of Rohit Sippy made his fans to drool on him.

Well, not only in angry mode but Dr. Rohit is much more drool worthy in romantic mood. Time and again he has proven the same. Whenever with Sonakshi, Rohit never miss a chance to romantically flirt with her. The Jodi of Ronakshi is adored the most and the duo is winning the heart of the audiences.

So tell us Angry or Romantic; which is your favorite Dr. Rohit Sippy mood. Shoot your views in the comment section below. Keep watching the show Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum on Star Plus.

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