There is a popular saying “To forgive is to set a prisoner free and discover that the prisoner was you”. Yes, it is good to forgive people so that you can set yourself free from the bond forever and move on but will it make the person feel remorse about their deeds? Can “it’s ok” makes someone feel “sorry” for real even before asking for it? The answer can differ from person to person but for Kainaat it’s surely a big NO. The reason for saying this is she in spite of being caught and confronted by Saltanat and Zaroon openly is not ready to keep her nose off from interfering with their life.

Well in the recent past episodes in the story of the daily two biggest revelations took place. Kainaat and Saltanat are real blood-related sisters and that is also not enough for Kainaat to causing harms to Saltanat. In the upcoming episodes of the show, she will try to harm Saltanat again with a deadly attack. Actually, Saltanat and Zaroon are going to get married in court and before that their mothers have arranged luncheon for them. Kainaat will take this opportunity to set her plan on the field and do something dangerous to stop their wedding.

Unknown to the thinking of Kainaat, Saltanat will feel that she is out of her life. Later on, Masi will decide to leave Shah Manzil and go away from Kainaat. Kainaat being the mean person she is, will blackmail her with a video and also threatened to kill her if she does otherwise than her command. With Kainaat being boundless day by day with her ugly mentality and cheap games, will this cycle will come to an end any time soon? Will Saltanat be able to save herself from this deadly attack?

Keep watching this space for more updates.