Today’s episode starts with Anupama seeing Vanraj on floor and panics. She runs towards Vanraj and worries for him. Anupama asks Vanraj if he would have needed anything, would have called anyone. She calls Pakhi, Samar and Paritosh to help Vanrja. Anupama takes care of Vanraj and asks if his hand is fine or not. She recalls and steps back. Anupama asks Paritosh to check if Vanraj hand is fine or not. She worries for Vanraj and Vanraj asks her not to worry. Paritosh checks Vanraj and informs Anupama that Vanraj is fine. Ahead, Leela asks Anupama to do massage of Vanraj. Kinjal says to Leela inspite knowing what Anupama feels about Vanraj she is asking her to do the massage. Leela asks Kinjal not to intervene as she has decided, Anupama will only give massage to Vanraj. Kinjal takes a stand for Anupama.

Anupama brings the oil and does massage of Vanraj. Vanraj gets smitten seeing Anupama. He tells to her that it is the first time she scolded him and he liked him. Anupama stands unresponsive. Vanraj says to Anupama that he wishes everything falls on the place. There, Paritosh asks Kinjal what problem she has with vanraj. Kinjal says to Partiosh she don’t understand why he cannot see problem of Anupama. Paritosh asks Kinjal if now she has even learning about Anupama’s problem without her concern. Paritosh and Kinjal argues with each other. Pakhi enters Paritosh’s room. Paritosh asks Pakhi to knock and enter. Pakhi says to Paritosh not to speak like Kinjal as she never knocked a door before entering his room. Paritosh says to her that he is married now. Further, Pakhi asks Kinjal to share her red dress as it is MakarSankranti festival at her college. Kinjal says to Pakhi she will give her within 5 mins post getting freshen up. Pakhi says to Kinjal she herself will take the dress.

Later, Pakhi accuse Anupama and Paritosh for keep taking side of Kinjal always. Anupama comes and tries to make Kinjal understand. Pakhi accuse Anupama for supporting Kinjal because she is against Vanraj. Pakhi alerts Anupama and says if she will send Vanraj out from the house that this time she will walk out from the house with him. Paritosh says to Anupama he don’t understand why Pakhi is turning rude. Anupama says she is hurt as she don’t share her stuffs with anyone and now she has to shares her brother and father both.

Other side, Kavya decides to move to Vanraj’s house and says she can’t trust Anupama. Ahead, Vanraj thanks Anupama and says sorry too. Anupama stand speechless and asks Vanraj if he needs anything. Vanraj thinks he need something but not able to figure out what. Ahead, Kinjal tells to Shah’s she has asked his father to send car for Vanraj to take him to the hospital. Vanraj refuses to take help from Rakhi and Anupama makes Kinjal understand the same. Episode ends with Shah’s learning Kavya is back.

Precap: Kavya decides to take Vanraj to the hospital