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Today’s episode starts with Samar asking Nandini to stop being emotional. He asks her to give the ring to the robbers. Nandini gets adamant. She refuses to give the ring. Robbers gets adamant to take the ring. Samar asks Nandini to stop being stubborn. Nandini says to Samar that more than the ring the emotion attached with the ring matters to her. She says to her it is their love talk. Samar tells to goons that ring is artificial. Goons decides to take the ring.

Here, Kavya brings ladder to sneak inside Vanraj’s room. She hesitates to climb the ladder. Meanwhile, Pakhi comes and asks Kinjal to let her go to the party. Kinjal refuses. Kavya gets irked with Pakhi. She thinks because of her she can’t sneak inside Vanraj’s room. Pakhi says to Kinjal if Anupama would have been here, she would have allowed her. Kinjal refuses to allow Pakhi to go to the party. Pakhi’s friend asks her to hide and escape the house. She says to her that if she will not reach Kabir’s party than latter will never talk with her. Pakhi decides to escape the house. Kavya learns Pakhi is hiding from the family to attend a party. She decides to expose Pakhi’s lie.

Other side, Samar fights with the goons for troubling Nandini. Both Samar and Nandini fights with the robbers. Meanwhile, Pakhi sits with Hasmuk and Vanraj’s Uncle. She tells to Hasmuk that she will not have dinner as she is going for a group study. Pakhi thinks she will hide and escape without letting anyone know about her. Kavya waits for Pakhi to escape the house. She thinks it is a payback time for Pakhi.

There, Nandini beats the robbers for hurting Samar. A goon out there comes with the knife. Samar saves Nandini. Goons runs away. Samar scolds Nandini for fighting with goons. Nandini shares with Samar that, she fears losing him. Samar hugs Nandini. Both confesses their love for each other.

Furthermore, Pakhi lie to Hasmuk about online study and gets ready to escape. She recalls her moment with Anupama and thinks she is not feeling good to go for a party without Anupama’s permission. She tries to call Vanraj but couldn’t reach him. Pakhi apologize to Anupama and Vanraj and decides to elope.

Later, Samar asks driver to take him to the temple. Nandini asks the reason. Samar sits quiet. Meanwhile, Pakhi hides from Hasumk and Vanraj’s uncle and gets success in escaping the house. Kavya makes Pakhi’s video. Pakhi reach Kabir’s party. Kabir gives compliment to Pakhi.

Afterwards, Samar takes Nandini to the temple to assure her that he will always be with her. There, Kabir sees Pakhi and decides to kiss her to win the bet. (Episode Ends)

Precap: Shah’s learn about Vanraj and Anupama’s divorce date.