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In today’s episode, Anupama thinks restaurants can’t be closed. She says a restaurant is like home to her. Anupama worries about Vikram, Rahul, Keddy, and Yashdeep. Vikram, Rahul, and Keddy accuse Yashdeep and Biji of being mean because they hide the truth from them. Anupama asks his colleagues to stop accusing Yashdeep or Biji. Keddy and Rahul worry about earning. Anupama encourages them. She decides to help Yashdeep and Biji. Anupama decides to meet Yashdeep.

Yashdeep avoids Vikram’s call. Biji asks Yashdeep to take the call. She asks Yashdeep why he didn’t deal with Anuj. Yashdeep says he stopped because of Anupama. He shares with Biji that he went to take Anuj’s help, but Shruti questioned him. Shruti asks Anuj how he can buy spice and chutney without informing her. She says Anupama can’t always come in between them. Shruti adds that Anuj is forcing her to go away. Aadya says Shruti can’t go anywhere. She says Anupama will go away from their lives. Aadya asks Anuj to swear to her that he will never help Yashdeep or Anupama, or else he will never see her face again.

Yashdeep says he can’t trouble Anuj or Anupama. He asks Biji to take a rest. Anupama confronts Yashdeep. Yashdeep says her destiny is not in his favor. Anupama asks Yashdeep why he hides the truth from everyone. Yashdeep said he was scared. Anupama learns that Biji isn’t well. She decides to meet Biji.

Dimple asks Titu why he is silent about learning that Vanraj wants to meet him. Titu refuses to believe in Vanraj. Vanraj spots Dimple and Titu. Titu spots Aarush and Pakhi. He shares with Dimple that Aarush is not the right man for Pakhi. Titu asks Dimple to warn Pakhi, or else Aarush will ditch her. He asks Dimple to send Pakhi back to India.

Biji worries about Yashdeep. Anupama consoles Biji. Biji feels guilty. Anupama says time will change. She takes care of Biji. Anupama decides to fight till the end.

Pakhi asks Dimple not to lecture her on Aarush. Dimple asks Pakhi to cross-check about Aarush. She tries to make Pakhi understand not to blindly trust Aarush. Pakhi refuses to listen to Dimple. Kavya decides to take Adhik’s help in Pakhi’s matter.

Yashdeep apologizes to Vikram, Rahul, and Kedy. Vikram console, Yashdeep. Anupama assures Yashdeep that they will be together in tough times too. Yashdeep talks about the auction. Anupama gets stunned.

The Shahs learn that the restaurant is closed. Paritosh wonders if Anupama will come to stay with them. Kinjal gets offended. Leela decides to meet Anupama. Leela shares her recipe book with Anupama. She asks Anupama to win the competition. -Episode Ends

Precap: The judge asks Anupama to explain her dish in English. Anuj decides to help Anupama. Anupama lands in a danger zone.

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