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Today’s episode starts with Nandini coming to Samar. She says he claimed he will teach how to fly a kite. Nandini asks Samar not only fly kite rather he should learn how to save it too. She drinks water. Samar gaze Nandini. Nandini asks Samar where his attention was. Samar thinks in her dairy pages. Nandini asks what he murmured. Samara says nothing. Nandini than asks Samar to either say it clearly or don’t speak at all. Samar imagine dancing with Nandini and confessing his love for her. Nandini asks Samar where he is lost and goes. Samar thinks he has already read what Nandini feels.

Other side, Anupama cut the kites. Hasmuk, Pariotsh and other gets happy. Pakhi asks Vanraj to gear up. Vanraj sees Kavya’s kite flying with a message on it. Message reads Vanraj to come back and I love you. Shah’s sees the message along with Vanraj. Vanraj look ar Kavya. Kavya smirk and gives flyinf kiss to Vanraj. Anupama don’t realize and says she fly kite and now she won’t spare any kite. Further, Vanraj holds wheels for Anupama and she don’t realize. She gets happy flying kite. Anupama cuts Kavya’s all the kites and says something is written on the kites in English. Shah’s along with Anupama and Kavya stands shocked. Anupama cuts the kite and when none cheer she turns and sees Vanraj standing close to her holding thread wheels for her. Anupama takes the wheel from Vanraj. She fly kites and sees Kavya’s kite with message on it. She gets distressed.

Later, Anupama loses her balance and about to fall. Vanraj saves Anupama. Both Vanraj and Anupama fall. Shah’s worry for the duo. Anupama asks Vanraj is he is fine. Kavya gets envy seeing Vanraj and Anupama. Her hand gets cut with the thread out there. Nandini worries for Kavya. Vanraj ignore Kavya. Afterwards, Shah leaves, Vanraj says to Anupama that he wants to confess something to him. Kinjal interrupts and takes Anupama with her. Further, Vanraj once again try to speak to Anupama but Anupama excuses herself. There, Nandini gets annoyed with Kavya for acting psycho. Kavya asks Nandini is she knows that Vanraj is falling for Anupama. She asks she goes to Shah house and know who sleep in Vanraj’s room. Nandini asks Kavya to move on and end her chapter with Vanraj. Kavya hugs Nandini and tell to her that she can’t even breathe without Vanraj.

Other side, Shah’s sit together and get ready to fly sky lantern. Leela shares Vanraj’s childhood story. Kinjal thanks Paritosh for giving her such a lovely family. She praise Anupama. Vanraj agree with Kinjal. There, Samar asks Nandini what she will wish tonight. Nandini says she don’t know. She asks Samar what he will wish. Samar replies her wish is his wish only. Shah’s light the sky lantern. Leela wish for everyone’s good life except Kinjal and Rakhi. (Episode Ends)

Precap: Vanraj says I Love You to Anupama.