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In today’s episode, Anupama and Anuj share an eye-lock. Anupama ignores Anuj. The Shahs celebrate Ram Navami. They enjoy Ram Leela. Ishani asks about Ram Navami. Leela says Lord Ram’s birthday is celebrated. Mahi, Pari, and Ansh get curious. Anupama remembers Samar. Hasmuk says after long family is together on Ram Navami. Vanraj thanks Kinjal.

Biji and Leela taunt each other. Anuj wonders why destiny keeps bringing Anupama in front of him. Anupama thinks that when Anuj was with her, destiny separated them. Ishani asks when Ram Leela will start. The host informs the artists that they aren’t present. They cancel the Ram Leela. Anupama hatches a plan. Leela worries about what Anupama is up to. Vanraj says Anupama wants to become great every time. Paritosh worries that Anupama will embarrass them.

Anupama plans Ram Leela with Ishani, Mahi, Pari, and Ansh. Everyone enjoys the Ram Leela. Anupama narrates the story. Everyone enjoys Ram Leela. The host insists on Anupama performing the veneration. They give credit to Anupama for Ram Leela. Anupama performs the veneration.

Anupama imagines performing veneration with Anuj and Aadya. She gets perplexed. Anuj takes Leela and Hasmuk’s blessing. Leela says they might not see Anuj’s wedding. Shruti says it would have been great if Shahs had stayed. She asks Anupama if she is going back too. Kinjal asks Shruti why Anupama will go. Yashdeep says Anupama can get a job. Shruti says at least Anupama will be present at her wedding.

Dimple invites Anuj to her wedding with Titu. Anuj decides to perform the rituals for Dimple. Vanraj gets offended. Anuj assures to attend Dimple’s wedding. Anuj blesses Ansh, Mahi, Ishani, and Pari. Leela and Hasmuk bless Aadya. Leela asks Aadya to be calm. Vanraj says Anuj might escape his wedding.

Anupama imagines Anuj. Back to reality: Anupama gets restless. Anuj bumps into Anupama in his imagination.

Anupama surprises Hasmuk with a cream roll. Hasmuk gets excited. Anupama asks Hasmuk to take his medicines on time. She gives advice to Hasmuk. Anupama and Hasmuk discuss Anuj’s wedding. -Episode Ends

Precap: Leela gets emotional while leaving the USA. Vanraj asks Anupama to perform Anuj’s aarti at his wedding. Anupama asks Vanraj to fix Dimple’s wedding, as she needs to return to India.

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