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In today’s episode, Paritosh asks for a for a tip from the customer. Anupama gets offended. She asks Paritosh to take the order, and Rahul will collect the bill. Anupama asks Paritosh to work as a team. She asks Paritosh to return Gulati’s tip. Anupama asks Paritosh to remember what she said. Paritosh is stunned to see Kajal and Pari. He avoids them.

Anupama decides to serve Kinjal and Pari. Paritosh pours water on a lady customer. The lady gets angry at Paritosh. Anupama takes Paritosh’s side. Rahul gets offended. He says if they had made a mistake, Anupama would have scolded them all.

Pari asks Paritosh not to feel bad about his job. She encourages Paritosh. Paritosh gets teary. Anupama asks Paritosh to start valuing his work. Paritosh thinks Kinjal and Anupama can only lecture. Kinjal says to Anupama that Paritosh will never change. She asks Anupama not to trust Paritosh. Kinjal asks Anupama to become selfish towards Paritosh. Anupama decides to throw Paritosh out of the restaurant if he makes any mistakes. Paritosh says Anupama is proud after winning the Super Star trophy. He decides to break Anupama’s arrogance.

Vanraj tells Leela that Titu is hiding something. Titu remembers Dimple. He thinks if his secret is revealed, it will ruin everything. Leela and Vanraj hatch a plan to expose Titu before the wedding.

The customers praise Anupama. Anupama thanks fans for making her a Super Star. Paritosh sees Anupama. Anupama encourages other ladies to dream for themselves. Yashdeep gives a surprise to Anupama. He framed Anupama’s trophy to encourage others. Vikram and Yashdeep ask Anupama to feel proud of her achievement. Anupama decides to show off her victory.

Anupama sees her trophy. Yashdeep asks Anupama to keep looking at her trophy. Anupama decides not to make any mistakes. She makes sure no one makes any mistakes.

Hasmuk confronts Leela about hiding gold. Leela tells Hasmuk that they can’t trust Titu. Titu visits the Shah house. Hasmuk asks for the reason. Titu gives a gift to Leela.

Paritosh gives a gift to Pari. Kinjal confronts Paritosh. Paritosh asks Kinjal not to lecture him anymore. Kinjal tells Paritosh about her promotion. Paritosh calls himself a loser. Kinjal is stunned. Paritosh accuses Kinjal of not supporting him. Kinjal and Paritosh argue. Kinjal vows to become more successful. Paritosh decides to open a big restaurant in front of Spice and Chutney. -Episode Ends

Precap: Yashdeep accuses Anupama of ruining everything. Vanraj says he knew Anupama would not be able to handle the success.

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