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Today’s episode starts with Kinjal saying to Pakhi that Vanraj was wrong yet she didn’t thought about Anupama and went to Kavya. She adds when Kavya ill-treated than she came back. Kinjal says have she never thought for once that Anupama would have hurt with her behaviour. She says to Kavya that she is selfish and not too young that she can misbehave with anyone. Kinjal asks Pakhi to be at Kavya’s house only as that place suits her the most because all are selfish like her at that place. She says someone needs to show her mirror thus she can’t stop telling where she is wrong. Vanraj comes home. Pakhi meet Vanraj. Vanraj says to Pakhi that he is upset with him as she came from Kavya’s place without informing him also she didn’t wishes him happy birthday. Pakhi apologize to Vanraj and hugs him. She also wish happy birthday to Vanraj. Ahead, Anupama asks Leela to confirm from Vanraj as she doubts Kavya would have surely planned something for him. Leela tell to Vanraj about birthday surprise she has planned for him. Pakhi disclose Kavya has planned outdoor party for Vanraj. Vanraj receives a call from Kavya.

Leela cries and says Vanraj’s birthday is like a janamastmi for her but how she will celebrate when Lord Krishna is only not there. She says she only wants one day from Vanraj that too he can’t give him. Hasmuk and others tries to make Leela understand that Vanraj has a life and on his birthday she should give him blessing and not tears. Vanraj stands holding his mobile and Kavya calls him. Further, Anupama asks Leela not to cry. Vanraj sing a song for Leela to cheer her up. He reveals he will celebrate birthday with him. Leela, Pakhi and others get happy.

Afterwards, Leela bakes a cake for Anupama. Anupama says she looks cute when she is happy. Leela asks Anupama don’t she look cute when she is not happy. Both laugh. Leela asks Anupama to decorate cake. Vanraj put his mobile on charger. Ahead, Partiosh select dress for Vanraj. Vanraj asks Partiosh his friendship back. Paritosh decides to forgive Vanraj and restart. Anupama stands far and smile seeing Partiosh and Vanraj. Later, Kavya call Pakhi and asks about Vanraj. Pakhi talks rudely with Kavya and tell her that Vanraj will celebrate his birthday with his family. Anupama over hear Pakhi’s talk and apologize to Kavya on Pakhi’s be-half. Kavya decides to avenge Vanraj for choosing his family over her.

Other side, Samar call Anupama and tells her that he miss her a lot. Anupama asks Samar to come back soon. Shah’s recall Vanraj’s childhood. Next, Anupama and Vanraj gets a blessing from Kul Guru. Kavya come to Shah house and everyone stands shocked along with Vanraj.

Leela stops Kavya from entering the house. Vanraj drags Kavya out from the place. Leela says she won’t tolerate if Kavya ruins the day.

Precap: Anupama stops Kavya from leaving the place.