Baa calls Anupama and Vanraj unworthy as parents: Anupamaa Spoiler
Baa calls Anupama and Vanraj unworthy as parents: Anupamaa Spoiler

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Episode begins with Dolly taunting Kavya how Vanraj always used to remember Anupama when he was with her but with Anupama he never thinks of you. Here, Anupama rushes to Nandini’s house to stop Dolly. Dolly says look at Anu how she is calm even when Vanraj is divorcing her and here you are always anxious even when you are getting things. Nandini is listening to everything and worries. Dolly says why did you come to my brother’s life even after knowing about the fact that he is married and has kids, you are a home wrecker. Kavya is angry and says shut up. She slaps and pushes Dolly. Anupama saves her and holds Dolly.

Anupama says you don’t know how to handle relations, you are behaving like this with Dolly. Kavya says you start lecturing me again and stop coming between a bhabhi and nanand, you are just an ex bhabhi. Dolly says are you mad, there is nothing like ex bhabhi, she will always be my bhabhi. Anu says a mother and sister always try to protect their son and brother and that is what Baa and Dolly are doing. Anu says for the next 48 hrs it’s still my house and no one can snatch that from me. She adds how she will always be there for her family and if Kavya ever tries to defame them, she will come and slap Kavya in her house like she slapped her in her house earlier.

Kavya remembers the flashback and gets angry. Anu says by wearing these designer lehenga you might become a beautiful bride but not a bahu. Then, Dolly and Kavya leave. Nandini tells Kavya to behave with the family as after marriage she needs to live with the family as welll. Kavya says even you are not less, you are taunting me like a saas.

Nandini says now I got it you just want the house and Vanraj ans not the family, I knew you were selfish but today I got to know you are also mean. Kavya says shut up and get lost. Nandini says if you keep your behaviour like this soon Vanraj will say the same thing to you. Nandini leaves. Kavya thinks how everyone is targetting her but she is calm only till she is getting Vanraj. Kavya thinks what if Vanraj also feels the same as he has not called her since yesterday. She calls him but he doesn’t answer. Kavya says even Vanraj is hurting me like his family, just once let the wedding happen after that I will handle her family well and won’t let Vanraj ignore me like this.

Here, Sameer and Meenu are playing while Pakhi is sitting there worries. Sameer asks her what happened to you? You were so happy till now due to lockdown and no divorce. Sameer asks where is bhabhi? Pakhi says bhabhi has gone to international meeting and bua must be hear. Anu brings Dolly ans makes her sit and gives her water.

Dolly says I don’t know how you handle but I can’t handle this woman even others can’t. Anu sends Meenu to Pakhi’s room. Meenu leaves. Anu says I am not saying you are wrong, I can understand what you are feeling as I am a sister too. Anu says the fault is equally of Vanraj. Dolly says but you both are not divorced yet and she is planning the wedding. Anu says because Vanraj has promised her.

Then, Anu says you both have sad faces, I am here for just 2 days and you guys will be sad like this? Anu notices something wrong and asks them. Pakhi says how due to curfew govt offices are closed. Anu remembers the signing of divorce paper and she faints. Sameer catches her. Anu says I need to talk to Vanraj. She goes. Dolly says sorry to Pakhi and says how we are all thinking selfishly and not thinking about Anu.

Here, Kavya gets a call and gets to know that even her divorce is delayed. She remembers every fight between her and Vanraj. Kavya then remembers how guruji said that if there is delay in wedding then Vanraj might back out. Kavya says why is this happening to me. She calls Vanraj but he doesn’t pick up. Kavya cries.

Anu thinks how the divorce shouldnt be delayed. Anu knocks on Vanraj’s bedroom but there is no response. She says I am coming inside. She opens the door and doesn’t find Vanraj. She finds him but is unable to find him. Anu thinks where can he go. Anu thinks to call but then sees a letter on side table, she goes to pick that but then sees a letter attached to the dressing table. She goes and picks up the letter. She looks at it.

Episode ends.

Precap: Anu comes to everyone and says I have seen a dulha who runs before marriage but this person ran from his divorce. Kavya comes to the house and blames Anupama. She accuses her to have send Vanraj somewhere so that the marriage couldn’t happen. Dolly says Vanraj was frustrated by you and didn’t want to marry you that’s why he went ans you are just an outsider for him.

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