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Today’s episode starts with Vanraj doing Puja with Kavya. Anupama sings the aarti. Kavya gets happy. Shah’s one by one performs the Puja. Pakhi makes faces seeing Kavya with Vanraj. Shah’s hail Lord Krishna. Leela call Vanraj and latter complete the Puja. Leela prays fpr Vanraj’s long life and wish that till her last breath she wants Vanraj to be her side. Vanraj says to Leela not to worry as he is not going to leave her at any cost. Kavya makes face. Ahead, Anupama look for something and enters her room. She don’t see Vanraj. Vanraj sneeze and apologize to Anupama for being at room. He says he was looking for something and came to the room. Anupama apologize and says she didn’t saw him either. Vanraj thanks Anupama and says whatever she done today wasn’t easy. Anupama in flashback think how she used to wish Vanraj happy birthday. Back to reality; Anupama says to Vanraj love is over. But it is not important that post love gets over two individual hates each other. Anupama offer friendship to Vanraj and give him white rose. Vanraj accepts Anupama’s friendship.

Further, Shah’s gets ready for Vanraj’s birthday. Leela compliment Rakhi. Rakhi asks Leela not to compliment her as she might faint. Leela cracks a joke on Rakhi and asks her to faint so that they can send her back to home and can do party. Rakhi and others laugh. There, Anupama see white rose on Vanraj’s dress. Ahead, Kavya come with Nandini. Leela taunts with Kavya. Next, Kavya bring the cake. She was about to fall and Anupama gives her support. Kavya thanks Anupama. Pakhi says Anupama always fixes everything. Rakhi think how Kavya has a change of heart. She wonder if she is dreaming or missing something.

Pakhi calls everyone for the cake ceremony. Vanraj see the cake and says it is beautiful. Kinjal tell Vanraj that cake is made by Leela and decorated by Anupama. Vanraj stands shocked. Further, Pakhi wait for Samar’s call. Samar call and wish Vanraj happy birthday. He see Kavya and about to cut the call. Anupama asks Samar to wait till cake cutting ceremony. Kavya asks Vanraj to make a wish before cutting a cake. Pakhi says to Kavya, Vanraj always does that and she don’t need to tell him. Vanraj close his eye and see Anupama. He gets shocked. Pakhi asks Vanraj about his wish. Vanraj says wish don’t get fulfilled if told. Later, Anupama refuses to have cake from both Kavya and Vanraj’s hand. Rakhi asks Kavya about her changed behaviour. Kavya reveals her plan to Rakhi and says now she will ruin Shah’s by acting good. Kavya adds she will destroy Anupama. (Episode Ends)

Precap: Pakhi does the unthinkable.