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Episode begins with Devika asks Vanraj and he and Kavya did with Anupamaa and says she saw her running away from his room and Kavya’s earring was missing which she got from his bedroom. She says Anupamaa become unconscious because of shock so what she saw and asks did she caught them red handed.

Vanraj asks what is she blabbering. She says when first time she saw him with Kavya that day itself she doubted them and even warned Anupamaa but she didn’t listened her because she blindly trusted him. She says today she proved right and Anupamaa’s trust broke and she can guess what would have happened but she wants to listen the truth from him and says how can he tell the truth, he just knows to betray. She says he can lie how much he wants but she will bring his truth in front of everyone and leaves from there. Samar tells Pakhi to put Anupamaa’s head on pillow saying her lap may pain but she denies to listen him. She says until Anupamaa becomes fine she won’t leave her.

Samar asks when Anupamaa will speak and asks what would have happened that she is like this. Nanthini taunts Kavya and asks why she is crying now. Kavya tells her to check about Anupamaa instead of blaming her now saying she wants to know about her health condition. Devika comes there and asks did Kavya wants to know Anupamaa is alive or dead. She asks what they did with Anupamaa. She says they are shameless she knows but today they crossed all the limits and yells at her. She grabs Kavya’s hand and says she too has to witness Anupamaa’s condition and she has to tell the truth to everyone not just to her.

Kavya denies to go with her which increases Devika’s anger. She pleads her to leave her hand and asks Nandini to help her. Devika tells her to not involve Nandini and tells about Anupamaa’s condition which shocks Kavya. She pleads her to tell the truth because Anupamaa need treatment now and tells her to think about her children’s condition. Nandini asks Kavya to tell what happened before situation becomes more serious. Kavya tells everything which happened hearing her Devika pushes her.

Nandini expresses her disappointment towards Kavya. Devika asks how can she easily say it was an weak moment after destroying Anupamaa’s life. She says Kavya will get her punishment and says she already warned Vanraj if anything happens to Anupamaa then she won’t leave them and leaves from there. Nandini says there was a time she wanted to become like Kavya strong and independent but thank God she is not like her. Paritosh informs the Doctor that Anupamaa regain consciousness but she is not saying anything. Leela asks what happened that she become stone. Samar pleads her to say something.

Jayesh cries saying she was really happy then what happened to her. Paritosh says they had to admit Anupamaa in hospital if she doesn’t speaks after 24hours too. Kavya calls Vanraj and tells him everything. He shouts at her saying what’s the need of telling everything to Devika, and he can’t manipulate her like he did with Paritosh. Devika comes there and grabs his collar and says she is silent because of his family and he is busy with his girlfriend again. Anupamaa’s family misses her and she wakes up when she gets an glimpse of Vanraj and Kavya together.

Episode ends.

Precap – Vanraj tells Anupamaa to believe him saying whatever she saw was not truth. She says she always trusted him not anymore. He asks will she divorce him. She says she will took decisions for her life.