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Today’s episode starts with Anupama saying to Vanraj she waited for him to marry Kavya so that their relationship gets over automatically. Leela says to Anupama without husband’s name woman doesn’t stand. Anupama says to Leela she is right but woman should make her own identity. Vanraj asks Pakhi, Leela, Partiosh to see, he tried to patch up with Anupama but her ego is high. He tells to Leela that he asked apology from Anupama but she refused to forgive him. Vanraj add he wanted to return back to him family but all can see Anupama’s behaviour. Anupama says to Vanraj she has always quoted his one relationship is broken but she never stopped him from meeting his family and children. She asks Vanraj to give answer to divorce notice as soon as possible. Vanraj says to Anupama to her notice his lawyer will answer but he will give answer to her ego. He asks Anupama to wait and watch. Pakhi says to Vanraj that she don’t know who is wrong or right but for her Vanraj is always right. She decides to accompany Vanraj at his house. Vanraj takes Pakhi with him. Leela tries to stop Vanraj. Hasmuk asks Leela not to stop him.

Anupama thinks of Pakhi and run behind her. She says to Pakhi she wants to share a talk with her. Pakhi says to Anupama that she doesn’t need her. Vanraj says to Anupama she broken the house so things will be distributed too. Anupama says to Pakhi she is not here to stop her but just to give blessing. She asks Pakhi not to trouble Vanraj more. Vanraj asks Anupama if her talk is over than he wants to leave. Anupama cries for Pakhi.

Leela comes to Anupama and taunts her. She says to Anupama she has stone heart. Leela accuse Anupama for being stubborn insipte Vanraj’s apology. Anupama sit stands hearing Leela. Here, Vanraj takes Pakhi to Kavya. Kavya allows Pakhi to stay with her. Vanraj see divorce paper and thinks now Anupama should wait for his reply. There, Leela gives earful to Anupama. Anupama says to Leela her words are making her feel that she is wrong and should keep aside her self-respect and accept Vanraj. She adds woman is made with love and respect. Leela says to Anupama society will laugh on them. Anupama says society don’t come either to share her pain. Leela sit shocked hearing Anupama. Other side, Vanraj, Kavya and Pakhi enjoy pizza. Vanraj tells to Kavya that Pakhi can’t stay away from home from long. Kavya says no problem. She thinks if Anupama deliberately send Pakhi to keep Vanraj away from her.

Afterwards, Samar shares a talk with Nandini. Boys out there taunt Samar over Anupama being illiterate. Samar fights with them. Anupama console Samar and asks the reason for his anger. Nandini tell boys taunts Samar over Anupama being illiterate. Anupama asks Samar to cool down. Samar leaves the place. Kinjal support Anupama. Rakhi come and taunts Anupama over sending divorce to Vanraj. She praise Anupama’s act. Kinjal asks Rakhi to stay out of the matter. Rakhi says to Shah’s they belong to reputed family not like them who keeps doing drama. Anupama asks Rakhi if she is concern about her image than she should stop coming at their home. She takes a stand for Samar and gets adamat on her decision of giving divorce to Vanraj. (Episode Ends)

Precap: Anupama decides to leave the house.